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My Mag III Has a cable throttle line. I'm sure many of you have this old stand by auger. Every year it never fails that my throttle freezes. I can always move it so it is frozen open so that I can get my holes drilled, but it is a pain. I take my throttle apart and lube it with silicone spray or cable lube, but it still happens. Has anyone fixed this problem on their personal auger or know of any better lube I can use that will stay in there regardless of temp.

Also, my auger froze into the lake a few years ago and I bent the auger shaft in the process of retrieving it from the ice. Whoops! Now it cuts really bad. Who would have thought. Has anyone fixed this problem without buying a new auger shaft? Can a shop straighten it with a hydraulic press?

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I would be that a machine shop would bend it straight for you for a few bucks. If you can get to a auto parts store a synthetic brake caliper grease would be perfect for that cable. You can get it in a brush top can or a squeeze tube. I repels water and stays pretty much the same consistency in any temp.

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Your looking at a new auger shaft. I had that problem and nobody I talked to could straighten it. The few that said they would try wouldnt say it would work for sure. Even the slightest wobble will kill blades and make cutting real tuff.

As for the cable I would also get a new one from Strikemaster on their website. I think I saw them there for like $15.

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Surface Tension

Is the cable actual froze or is there ice on the linkage?

I've had the same problem with SM MagIII which uses a plunger instead of direct hookup to the throttle linkage. When the engine is warm any snow that gets around the linkage will freeze once the engine cools. Next time you use the auger the linkage is restricted. Only remedy is keep the snow off the linkage.

If the cable is froze the get it in a warm place to thaw then using a Loc De-ice in both ends of the cable. I'll note here that bringing a gas tank into a warm living space can and will have that gas expand and could leak.

About the bent shaft, it depends on where its bent.

Lay the auger down on a solid flat surface.

One end of the auger is supported by the power head.

You'll need a support at another point somewhere along the augers shaft in a location you can rotate the shaft freely using a block of wood with a V-notch.

As you rotate the shaft you'll see the wobble. You'll be bending the shaft to take that wobble out. This is the point where directions can't be substituted for one's resourcefulness in knowing where to support the shaft and where to bend.

Trial and error is your friend.

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      Chill62 I live in the the Detroit lakes area and have fished a few times with little luck. Just wondering what lake you got the fish in the pictures on. 
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      Please share what ya find
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      On the main basin... Ice is making progress and now covers Lake of the Woods. Satellite images from 11-17-18 show the majority of the lake locked up with various pockets of open water. A very welcomed sign, but way too early to be on the main lake. Some spearing for pike taking place on Bostic Bay. Spearers are often the first on the ice. Please use resort marked trails and exercise safety precautions as ice thickness is varied. On the Rainy River... The Rainy River and Four Mile Bay is frozen over with various pockets of open water. Currently, higher than normal current. Areas of the river locked up earlier in the week. Up at the NW Angle... The NW Angle is locked with ice. Higher than normal current. As always, neck down and other areas with current are iffy. Mainly airboat traffic between islands thus far. Work through resorts and stay on staked resort ice trails when ice fishing begins. Safety first. We are getting closer!
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      Anyone know whats goin on for ice on Shakopee?
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