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First time to red

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wiggle that worm

I'm planning on coming up to red lake this weekend and it is my first trip ever. Not really sure on where to go. I've heard of JR's Corner, Hillmans, and West Wind and was wondering which access people prefer to go out of and how far out to travel before setting up.

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Eric Wettschreck

I'm a big fan of going out of Hillmans. It's a bit farther north, but it's been worth it for me.

As far as how far out.....well.......yes. The big thing to do is look for 13 to 14 feet or so, and get away from the crowds. The absolute huge thing is stay away from others, like 100 yards or so, minimum. Drill a bunch of holes and fish them. If you arn't on fish, move. I don't know the structure, or lack thereof, on Red but I've learned if you arn't on fish, move.

Good luck to ya.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • PSU
      Went to the Landing last night for the first time in about 10 years. $89 for a few drinks (3 men), wings, a walleye sandwich and a french dip.   Average at best
    • mshultz
      Thanks.  I'm staying in Littlefork and my plan, flexible, is to fish the mouth of the Big Fork and Little Fork rivers and then move upstream as far as I can go in the V14.   I' put in at Pelland and then there is a put in (landing) right off the highway at the mouth of the Big Fork.   I thought this would be off the beaten path, but I'm now hearing it could he high traffic there....parking and fishing.  The trip is sort of a bucket list thing as I've never fished that far north in Minnesota.  I'd rather catch fewer fish and be less crowded.   Thoughts on this very much appreciated.   Mike  Minnesota native temporarily living in Kansas  
    • shiva
      i visited the lake with my new kayak.
    • Rivergroup
      My daughter and I will be fishing the west end Saturday afternoon, Sunday, & Monday.  Any tips would be great.  This will be her 3rd time on Vermilion and she's anxious to catch some walleyes!  
    • BrianF
      This past week, we had two different sightings of golden eagles while fishing on the west end.  They must have had a 7’ wingspan.  Huge raptors!  At one point, the golden soared into bald Eagle territory and a mid-air confrontation ensued.  The bald eagle was so much smaller and more maneuverable that it was no contest.     We also watched a bald eagle swoop down to grab a fish early in the morning.  The fish was too big to pluck from the water so the eagle crashed down and started a long 300 yard swim to shore.  Took about 15 mins of breast strokes, but it made landfall and proceeded to drag her catch up on shore - where two other eagles immediately flew in to squabble over the meal.  Eagles swimming in with their catch must be a thing.  Seen it three times now. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      Has the pizza gotten better? It was bad in the beginning.   We had exceptional garlic-butter wings and burgers back in May when they only did dockside delivery. One time in June or July I had their fish tacos which were good. Italian sandwich was good another time but they severely overcooked my brother's walleye sandwich and fries at the same time.    The bartender told us that they were having staffing problems. Put that on top of the volume of customers they seem to consistently have, and I'm not surprised that the kitchen staff is inconsistent. It's still way better than the last owners!
    • Raven77
      If you go to the Landing I recommend sticking to wings or pizza.  Everything else is a crap shoot.  Literally.
    • delcecchi
      Didn't know that they hung it up that soon.
    • Snogan
      Just wondering if anyone else that fishes the Root (especially below Lanesboro) has ever patterned or had any luck targeting sauger/eyes. This is my first year trying for them after hearing whispers for years and I've been surprised with my results. So far I've caught 5 sauger and 4 eyes out of the Root this year, a 17 inch Sauger and a 22 inch eye being my biggest so far. I know the river is a lot better known for trout but if anybody else has had any luck targeting other species I'd love to share reports or tactics. 
    • monstermoose78
      O man!! Duck season is so close I can taste it!! I got enough shells for a war and that is what I am declaring to all wood ducks 🦆 Is war!! Finn is in peak shape and my shooting has been pretty good. 
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