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How's the ice on and near Gun Lake?

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With the recent snowfall and the accumulations of snow this year, how is the lakes doing? I haven't been there since the first snowfall (12").. What's the latest up there?

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My last trip was tough going. but you can move about if you have the will. We drove right by your place and headed to the NE corner. But no need to because the craps are every where on the lake.

I do believe you have a good spot right of your dock in the summer.

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I remember fishing at the end of your dock in my blue lund boat when you came down and seemed agitated that I was fishing there.

Sorry about all the Crappies I caught and threw back at that spot. Yes, it is true that there are many other spots to fish on the lake, but sometimes that was the best spot.

In August, just to the north of your dock by only a few yards, there is a bar on the ledge that the Crappies stacked on. They bit so good.

Did you ever find my pink and yellow marabou jigs around your dock?


Sometimes my aim and distance were a bit off when I casted.

Maybe someday you'll spin that pontoon around?

Did you ever get the siding replaced on your cabin?

I haven't been up there in a few years. Does anyone miss me?

Hey, how about that dentist dude to the north of your place? Did he ever sell? What a spigot that guy was. He didn't like me either, but I guess I didn't care for his jetski or wide grinning son either...Ahh well. I gave him fish once, and his wife baked me some chocolate chip cookies. I guess we were all made up after that, but his kid tried to start some stuff with my dad and almost needed the services of his father's practice to get him fixed up. Oh good times.

I remember they used to have these Crappie tournaments on Gun...Me and my buddy would win them and people would say it wasn't fair. They had 3 Crappie tournaments, we won all 3, then they didn't have em' for a couple years and then they changed the rules. Oh kripes!

Did you ever meet Kenny? Kripes!

How about the Smoke'mon? (Smokey and Sal) They were nice people, but they moved to Rogers.

Have a great holiday,


the red haired guy in the blue lund boat

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Ok, you got my attention.. Seems like I know ya. Who are you? There are a few boats that hover around our dock area, it's all good. Do you have a place on the lake or just fish there?

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The red haired guy in the blue lund boat that won the 3 crappie tournaments on Gun lake in the early 2000's.

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the most recent report is as of Thursday Morning, 12-27.

worse than two weeks ago. Sleds are slushing up and wheelers are as well. But the weather is going to be warmer & might make it less complicated slush on sleds or wheelers. The going will be tougher though as the additional snow and slush are making life difficult for us that want to move about.

Its all about difficulty getting to and from the fishin hole. once fishin..... it might be fun.! the fun ends on the return to solid ground.

either way, have FUN !!!!

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lets see now,

a red haired guy in a lund boat,

and he won 3 crappie tournies that year,

heck, that sounds like, Pro Crappie Guide,

not united jigsticker,

but haven't seen or heard of him in quite some time,

oh, well, maybe an old memory.

maybe the guardian fish ate him. grin.gif

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This post has died down a bit since first creation, but I thought I woudl throw a line out to see if anyone has been on Gun in the last week. We are going to brave the weather this weekend and head up to get the lines wet a bit on Satuday. Has the slush frozen up yet? How about trucks? Anyone driving on the lake recently? We dont' have houses, so we'll be doing old school in the sunshine and cold. Having a truck along sure would make it a little more enjoyable. We have about 8 guys heading up mainly for card playing and beer drinking, but a handful like myself want to head out during the day to find some fish.

Side question if anyone feels like helping out, what time during the day have the fish been biting? Since we'll probably only make it out for a couple hours, it would be nice to find the right timeframe to head out.

CrappieKieth - Thanks for all your postings. Some guys may jump all over you for some of your posts, but for all of us not-so-great fishermen, your info really helps us get excited about fishing. And I think that's what these forums are all about.

Thanks for the help.

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You dont have fish housee? You guys would have to be crazy to go out there and sit in the open this weekend. Its not even supposed to get above zero around here on saturday. Sorry ive never fished on this lake so cant help with the fishing at all though i wouldnt recommend going out there without a fish house.

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if yah head out on gun, bring your ice tea to keep you warm. It will be rather Brisk out there.

I have fished Gun when it was -28 and did rather well. Though I don't think 8 inch crappies are worth it anymore. I fished it earlier this year during the period of negative 20 and no wind. it was good.

I have stayed off the lake the past two weeks because the last trip up two weeks ago made me wish'd Id stayed home and watched Al linder or, the Babe catch fish. Though I did end up on local lakes catching 8 inch crappies. mabey a few 9's.

anyways, I don't know what the lakes like. Mabey some one will chime in here and let me know as well. Though I won't be out in the typ of cold again this winter. I am waiting for the feeling to return to my fingers from the 1st round of negative 20's on Gun.

If it isn't windy, its not bad. but wind is a killer.

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