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Pup in heat?

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Hey guys, rookie pup owner. I have a 10 month old black lab female and am wondering if she is going into heat. She seems the right age or even a little old. She has started urinating very frequently (4 times on an hour walk) and she suddenly cant hold it over 4 hours in her outdoor kennel. I have noticed a creamy discharge but not bloody like what I have read says. I have read that urination increases which is why I am wondering. The last thing is that she has a slight odor to her lately.

What do you think, if it isnt heat then the frequent urination has me concerned. Other than what I have mentioned she is no different, full of energy, good apetite, and her normal self.

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i'm no expert on this!!, but have owned a number of pups.

could be a urinary infection. don't wait too long as if the urine is creamy (pus) and smells it could be advanced and cause some damage. you could take a sample when she urinates and take to vet for tests. just hold container in line to catch when she goes. most don't seem to mind. remember i'm no expert and could be barking up the wrong tree. i've had dogs with urinary infections.

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I agree..I would guess that the discharge could be linked to a possible UTI...it could be a simple bacterial infection or in advanced cases it could be stones..does she strain at all when urinating? that is a common sign of a UTI

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The discharge has dissapeared she just pees steady now, even in her outdoor kennel. We hunted for 2 hours tonight and she peed 8 times. Gonna give the vet a call.. We got our two birds though grin.gif

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      Many people come on this forum asking for help, but I'm begging much more sincerely.   60 years ago at the age of 10, I used to read the fishing ads in Field & Stream about fishing in Minnesota.   I always said I would go one day, but as you know life and things get in the way.   Well, I'm 90% retired now and ready to make the long trip from way down south to go fishing in Minnesota, my lifelong dream.   I always wanted to go to the BWCA, but I'm simply not able now due to health problems. I can't do hiking, portaging, etc anymore.   Here's the deal....  I would love to find a small remote cabin (in Minnesota) on a small lake to stay for a week or more, next spring or summer.    I don't need anything fancy... rustic is the best for me.   I want to fish for smallmouth bass and big bluegills and I will bring my boat along too.   If any of you could recommend a small lake, with a small cabin and good fishing to rent for a week or so, I promise I will repay you somehow.   A guide would be nice for a day, or I'd gladly pay one of you a NICE tip and take you along in my boat fishing, as many days as you want.   I'm still begging.... could you please help make my 60-year dream come true?  PM me if you wish.   Thanks in advance.     
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      Up on mille lacs isle bay. 13.5 inches of ice and half ton trucks out here. Fishing is slow. 1 Walleye last night at 845. Moving the house deeper today. 
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      Got to work the weekend ... good luck guys!!  Will be checking in to see what these fish look like 😉
    • monstermoose78
      I am going to check some local lakes today 
    • Wanderer
      Thanks @knoppers.   I’m about to head over to that general area.  Makes me wonder if I should load the wheeler.
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      What length of the HT BLUES are you looking for? I've seen some 24" @ Walmart stores. Some in the rod/reel combos n some just the rod itself. I got my 30" frm Frankie's bait in Chisago so if you're in that area you can check it out or give them a call. I remember seeing some @ Blue Ribbon baits in Maplewood also. You can also give them a call. I hope this helps.
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      Fish went deeper durring the day today. Not easy cracking the code this year
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      I shoot through the bottom..  Use plumbers putty to make a ring and use some to keep the diversity in place.   I just add enough water to make a good conductor.  Works great.  No worries about snagging the ducer outside the boat.  As for finders I have an old fish eagle, buddy just picked up a battery operated color unit from amazon says it worked good.  
    • knoppers
      I just got a report from nextdoor that we have 8-10 inches.  
    • Mike89
      that lake is something else!!!