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Jon i was jsut wondering when you would suggest making a trip to UR. i want to bring my dad and son up for a guys get away and try to snag into some slabs and walleyes. maybe a huge Pike to boot. I was jsut wondering what time of the winter months you would suggest. Another question I have is about the full moon. I've heard that the 3 days before and after the full are the best. Do you find theis to be the case during hard water months? Thanks for your response cool.gif

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Random guy

Well it is hard to hit a time when all three will be at a peak during their respected seasons. So lets break all three down and you can pick when you would like to try.

For pike you are going to see two major peaks in feeding during their winter season. The first one is early ice, normaly this time of the year it is foot travel only, maybe a wheeler or sled if you have already walked a safe path out that day. When the ice first covers Upper Red the pike go bonkers, they attack everything they come across, spoons, jigs, minnows, small dogs and even hands if you are brave enough to try it.

Then we will see a peak in pike activity around the first part of Feb into the end of pike season. My guess is they are slowly putting on the feed bags for presawn feeding. So for targeting pike look to first ice and early Feb.

Now the walleye are a little different, they peak hard in Jan, normaly about mid month they will drive guys with rattle wheels bonkers all night. Walleye action will be steady all winter but mid Jan definetly shows to be the peak of activity.

Crappies, these goofy nomads normaly start of a little slow in December and just keep getting better and better as the winter turns to spring. By late Jan early Feb you are starting to see some good action but by March they are on a rampage. This my favorite time to fish for crappies. The weather is nice, normaly the snow is melting off the ice and the crappies are ticked. Come March it often takes longer to drive out then to catch a limit of nice crappies and nobody is around, its great!

If I was to plan a trip for all three I would look at late Jan through mid Feb during the week. Once the weekend traffic and noise is gone off the lake fishing picks up, most locals do not fish to hard during the weekends due to this.

As for the full moon we can't figue it out other then when Red has heavy snow cover during a full moon fish bite during the mid day and when the ice is clear and snow free the full moon shuts them off at night hardcore...of course once I said that they will do the oppisite. They are still fish and very unpredicable.

ow all this can change due tom ice thickness, snow cover, heavy winds and even the temps. Best bet is to just come up every weekend, you'll hit em. grin.gif

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    • BrianF
      Any updates as to the slush conditions on Vermilion, particularly off the staked trails?  
    • smurfy
      i keep hearing that this slush wont freeze up. i just cant fathom that with the low temps forecasted it wont?????????   anyone else with thoughts????
    • arctic_scrap1
      Yeah I tried the wrench yesterday. I Can't get it to move with a load on it. With no load on the jack it does go up and down with the electric motor though. I ended up ordering a whole new jack since they're only $200. This one I'll take apart and try to fix it and keep it as a spare.
    • Jan Wentland
      Was out checking ice.....on west side....even though there is good ice closer to shore, when neighbor was trying to plow a road out farther, a lot of water was coming out of a crack. Please do not go out with a larger truck!!!!! 
    • relax
      I'm also thinking about going up this weekend. We were thinking about Barnacles or Red Door. It will be our first time out of either resorts. Any recommendation or opinions about the resorts and their roads? Thanks in advance!
    • JohnnyM
      Thank you.. and thanks for the advise on the Duluth forum! I will look that up and subscribe.
    • JohnnyM
      Thanks for your response! Sounds like fishing is pretty much the same on this end as Ontonagon. Aside from the rock reefs and possibility of snags on the bottom. I don't run lead core but have a pair of downriggers and some dipsies. I fish a lot on the surface with my Otter Boats with Rapalas and some spoons. I always run at least one dodger or flasher in the mix with a Howie's fly or a spin n glo behind it. Thanks again for your input! I appreciate it! Hopefully I can have a good weekend fishing!
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Glad your back Bryan! So far my season hasn't been one for the books but it haven’t been horrible. I’ve been waiting for your videos good to see your back man!
    • JohnnyM
      Thanks for the input!  I definitely don't want to snag one of my rigger weights! I have otter boats I run off a mast on both side of the boat. I run surface spoons and stick baits off the lines. Works well out of Ontonagon and sounds like it will work here also. I have a few dipsies also but do not have lead core on any of my set ups. I run a flasher or dodger on one of my lines also. Usually on one of my dipsies. I pretty much sounds like fishing off Ontonagon except for the snags on the bottom of the north shore. Thanks for your wisdom! I appreciate it!   
    • Chill62
      I drove by the lake this weekend and saw a large amount of vehicles and houses out there.  We are finding the crappies either out deep in the holes suspended or they are hugging weeds.  I know huge difference but don't be afraid to go shallow or deep.  I wasn't too far from Crystal fishing 6 feet of water Saturday fishing cabbage and getting a mixed bag of panfish, pike, and bass coming through.