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hunting landmark names

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lets hear some names given to explain where one might be heading from camp in the morning.

Example "I'm heading over past the washtub to the nosebleed ladder stand"

I just gave 2 of mine there, here are some more.

Swail: A thinly wooded draw between 2 ridges, used to be able to see very well there, not no more

Buck ridge: a ridge that some old timers shot a few bucks off of a hundred years ago.... aint nobody seen a buck there in the past 99 years though wink.gif

Da swamp (self explanitory)

North clearcut

old clearcut

beaver pond

tractor seat stand... (an old tractor seat fastened to a tree about 16 feet in the air, actually kind of comfortable)

anybody? lets hear em...

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Hey good idea, here are a few of ours.

Bambi Land

Old State Forty


Swamp Stand

Old Stand

Tower Stand

Log Pile

Beaver Area

I'm sur I'm missing a few but oh-well. wink.gif

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The Penthouse: a big permanent stand in a huge tree.

The East Blind

The Boxcar: an old railway car that's been sitting in the woods for over 50 years.

The Schoolbus: sits next to the boxcar.

The Meadow: Big stand on the edge of a long meadow. My favorite spot.

The Train Bridge: not actually on the bridge, but near it.

The Deep Woods: more for bowhunting, this one sits between one of the main bedding areas and the Meadow.

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The Saddle

Big Cut- a stand near a big clear cut

Know it all- a stand near where another guy hunts who every year proceeds to tell us how "I was hunting here for years before anyone else" "We used to get huge bucks all the time" "I wish everyone wouldn't hunt my land" and once in a heated discussion over whose deer it really was with another party, "I forgot more about deer hunting then you will ever know" Keep in mind this is public land and is a little crowded but I have seen way worse.

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Eric Wettschreck

We have,

Jeffs trees

Pearson slough

The Tin cans

The Trees


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The Donk

The box

The dance floor

The crows nest

little field, 2nd field, and the BIG field

The grouse point (always see a grouse or 2 there)

Weener ridge grin.gif

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Here's some of our places & stands:

the hill

buck brush

beaver dam stand

the tamaracks

salt lick stand

redneck stand


the West stand

the knoll stand (this is actually the grassy knoll- "where the other shooter was")

the South side

the hotspot

the swamp drive

the skyscraper

Of course we have several that are just known by the name of the guy who built them & hunt's them the most.

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When we hunted a relatives farm we had:

The Natural Crossing (we always got a deer off this drive)

The Tracks (train tracks haven't been there in > 40 years)

The Sand Pit

The Mountain (a steep side hill that no one wanted to climb)

The other stands all had someone's name on them even if they didn't hunt there anymore.

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Our stands. All perms on private land

-swamp oak inn

-stalag 13

-fire tower

-twin pine

-twin oaks

-lovers lane

-nitro's playhouse

-shaky pine

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some real good ones in here, I'm liking it. it helps install a bit of real world hunting feel back into my brain after watching a years worth of hunting shows during the "off season"

we have an area called "the scarecrow brush"

we have a natural spring that flows out of the ground on a hillside, the "spring" is often used as a reference point "just west of the spring, kind of by that old rope seat stand your dad built years ago...."

we have "the cedars"

in my new hunting area I have just found a couple landmarks.

the bedframe

the rusty can

and the "hole"

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"The corn crib" (it used to be, now its just a pile of old wood in the middle of a grove of trees.

"The Willows" Self explanitory

"The Point" Its penisula on a lake. There are several where we hunt but this one somehow got the name.

"Peters" Don't have a clue how this one came about. I am assuming it was the name of who used to own it.

"The Farm" Self explanitory

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Brokeback Ridge - you'll sure break your back if you kill a deer.

Pig Sty - near a pig farm

Rat's Tail - where our infamous squirrel with no tail lives.

Church - by an old church.

Thornfields - in the thorns.

Quarry - self explanatory.

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Nate McVey

Great post! I thought me and my elk camp buddies were the only ones that did this. We have:

Massacre Meadow

Cow Ridge

Reflectomatic-A giant "billboard" that Vail bounces radio signals off of

Big Rut-A giant rut in one of the roads

Nappy's Point-One of our guys always falls asleep in the woods

Snoop and Dre Campsite-Somebody carved "Snoop and Dre 2000" in a tree at the campsite we use (not sure why)


Rock Fields

Luck-Bag Meadow-One of the guys pulled the trigger on a bull without a shell in and the bull just stood there and let him rack one in!

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The deer farm, a farm site that has deer hanging around all the time.

The widow maker, a ravine so steep that hardly any thing grows on it.

The hilton, a stand so comfy that you can sleep in it.

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Harmonica Bear

The Life Guard - well, it's built like a life guard stand

The Outhouse - trail starts from behind the outhouse

Kirks’ Meadow

Steve’s Meadow

The New Ladder

The Old Ladder

Keith’s Stand

The Meat Trap - From the day we built it, it gets deer.

The Haunted House - built with lumber found up the road from a collapsed house we had called the haunted house.

The Black Boy - The guy who built it, bow hunted it, and the first day with his face paint on he was the spitting image of Jimmie JJ Walker, the stands name evolved from that.

The Nibbler - Back in our younger days, we cut trails with just a hand nipper so as to make as little intrusion into the woods as possible. Someone brought a cheap pair up (once), we tried to cut a trail with it, it couldn't nip a branch it could only nibble.

Herb’s Box

Bear's Balsams - where I shot my first buck

The South Stand

and of course, The Cabin Stand usually home to cabin boy or after a bad Otis night.

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My in-laws have so many unusual names for landmarks and stands I don't even know where to begin. My favorite nickname they have is the "Cadillac Stand". It's a couple boards nailed to a couple spindly little birch trees out in the middle of a swamp.

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I have the:

The Fingers - there are 3- 60-70 yd long patches of woods extending into the crops... kinda looks like you turned your hand sideways... there's crops in between each finger, with a trail connecting the three.

The Mitten - about 2 acres of woods in the middle of a corn field shaped like a mitten, with corn between the thumb and main part as well.

The Valley- pasture with two hills on either side, butts up against thick forest.

The Cedars- they line the tops of the hills adjacent to the valley

Barbs land- well, cuz it's barbs land.

The miracle mile- we can't hunt this, and it's actually more like 2 miles. It's a road that we drive down after dark, and shine with a 3 million candle watt light. There are monster bucks in this stretch... every homeowner on this road has signed a contract to harvest only does and wall-mounters... I shot a 140 class 9 pointer last year, and there were several larger ones, that dwarfed mine, some that might have gone 180... on the miracle mile.

My friends have one other hunting spot... they call it "nette's place"

Cuz her husband is out hunting...: )~

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We have the high chaperrel

the fatmans stand

the birch stand

Donny's beer stand

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Pop's Cut- a "cut"/trail into a large clearing where my gramps starts a fire every season.

Kenny's Clearing- My Uncle Ken got a 6 pointer in there about 5 years ago

Muffler Corner- a corner in the road where an old rusty muffler sits off in the ditch.

Donny's Swamp- My cousin always sit out on a stump in the middle of a huge swamp.

Pole 210- A trail that follows a numbered powerline. The first pole you pass, is number 210.

Mojo End- A camp of about 20 people (the Mojalstnis') who camp near the end of a road for the entire deer season in a huge army tent.

Molly's Rock- A rock off in the woods with the name "molly" written on it in nailpolish.

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I have some from where we hunt elk in Colorado:

The Phone Booth - the spot you have to hike to to get cell reception.

The Pickup Box - On top of this mountain, there is an old 40's vintage pickup box.

The Bowling Alleys - Two narrowish chutes of meadow seperated by thin lines of trees.

The Arm Chair. A chair shaped rock in one of the bowling alleys. It is comfortable, and out of the wind most of the time. An excellent spot.

The Snag Hole - A bowl in the bottom of a drainage, access to which is through a deadhead infested abandonded logging trail.

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A few of our unique ones

Gobblers Knob - turkey hill

Stairway to Heaven - has stairs

El Paso - Furthest SW stand towards end of property

Scaffold - Scaffolding

4X4 - Need one to get there

11 rock - big old rock someone painted an 11 on once

wagon wheel - shooting lanes resemble wagon wheel from the air

Pete's crap - Pete was seen, well, crapping from his stand once. Not a pretty picture, but a decent stand - watch where you step though...

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Grant Pearson

A usually game plan the night before might go something like: "I'm going to the hilltop stand and might stroll by Julianne's on the way back for breakfast. What about you?" "I'll be in the porcupine stand and might hit The back swamp stand after breakfast." etc, etc.

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Don's woods.

Roger's woods. Not sure who Roger was.

Charlie's corner.

Half Wood. Selective harvest, took half the wood.

The Boot. Someone put an old boot on a fence post.

The Hill. The ONLY hill where we hunt.

East crossing.

Middle crossing.

West crossing.

Kiddie land. I used to be one of the Kiddies years ago.

The Big Meadow.

The Cedars.

The Beaver Dam.

Fun post, gets you thinkin' about all those places we love.

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Couple of our better ones:

The Meat Stand: still productive 40 years later

Virgin Stand: shot a buck the first hour I was in it

Aquarium: an old aquriam stand in the swamp we sit on

and we have a bambi land and beaver pond stand too, hope we don't see each other there this weekend. Good Luck to all.

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i got

horseshoe -woods shaped like a giant horseshoe

The funnel - deer travel route through section, and basically 3 other sections

there's a handful of properties called their owners' last name

coon dump point- walk out to this spot and always find a fresh load of coon dump

The oaks - stand of enormous oaks in the middle of a section

John Deere - old tractor with good seat overlooking some strip logging, and crop land

The couch- I can't hunt it but there is a couch mounted in a tree

Lovers Lane - couples have been making out here since forever I guess

Sinkholes - piece of property with tons of sinkholes

Carls Hole - Carl walked up to this sink hole and shot a bedded doe at 5 yards, a 6pointet ran out the side and he dropped it too.

Nursery - we hunt in the tree nursey

CRP - some CRP land

Dump Woods - right next to a dump; thick knarly woods

Ghost buck hollow - I once saw a 14 point giant here, when i pulled the gun up he was gone...

RR grade - a railroad was planned never went through

Boneyard - yep you guessed it the cemetary, actually right behind it

Vdub - an old VW bus shell - bring a chair shoot right out

The bottom, a nice flat bottom of a valley we used to hunt

Big woods - the biggest woods in the county

Deanos walk - 1st time we drove this section i shot 3 deer

The Yard - where all the deer go and yard up when you can't find em anywhere else.

yea thats good...really getting the fever now.


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