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Appledoorn's Full Moon Piggies


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Went out for a bit last night with Paul Waldowski out of Appledoorn's Sunset Bay and the bigger fish came out to play. It was fast and furious, well at least as fast as we could bring the piggy in. Thought it was a snag or whatever. Then it moved smile.gif

First off the fish seem to be schooled. Water temp is 49 F. Running speed about 1.3 mph with a #13 Floating Rapala in 7' of water. Again I repeat we went out of Appledoorn's - the launch service they provide is second to none and right now the fishing is pretty darn good.

Here are a couple fish we finally decided to take pics of at the end of the trip.

I'll let you guess their sizes and NO they are not small weed wacker eyes cool.gif



[I have to add: the HSO Arctic Armor camo suit did a nice job on a very cool night (29 F) with water splashing on me I was toasty warm. Call or E-mail WalleyeDan and ask for the HSO Camo suit at:

218-839-5598 - [email protected].]

Here are some pics of the HSO Arctic Armor suit:





The hat is available in all the logo's at


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Those fish bangin' their heads on the rocks don't know any better. grin.gif

Nice lookin' fish Rick. Glad to see PW took care of you.

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Nice fish! That second one is a monster!

I am leaving in t-minus 36 minutes for Mille Lacs and hope to have some of the action you and Otter had!

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I was up by Cheeco's Place this morning and there are a ton of boats heading up 169! Should be bumper to bumper out tonight!

At least on Doe Island or Big point!

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Nice fish, nice Arctic Armor....nice job. I was over there on Wednesday and caught some walleyes but it wasn't fast and furious. Glad to hear it was good for you.


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Nice fish Rick looks like you and Paul had a great evening and its all just begun.FMers make this site a great place and post like these make me want to get there even sooner then the plan is right now.Up the week of 11-2 till 11-8 but have to leave early on the 8th to make it to the Neil Young concert in Minneapolis on my way home.Keep up the great post cool.gif

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