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November trips

Eric Wettschreck

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I was sitting in the local watering hole the other day talking to a couple of guys from the twin cities that were in the area chasing roosters. Nice fellas. They told me they were planning on coming back in November when things were a tad bit cooler. I mentioned the dates they were talking about were during deer season and their jaws dropped. That's no big deal for some people and a huge deal for others.

Slug season for us is Nov 3-4, and Nov 10-13. If you are planning on coming out to chase roosters these are 2 weekends you should be aware of. There will be a lot of people out hunting these 2 weekends. From reading the forums I know there are a lot of people planning trips to SW MN to chase roosters. Come on out, but if you plan your trip during deer hunting be prepared for a lot of people and slugs flying everywhere. It can't be stressed enough that if you plan on hunting these weekends you should be in orange from head to toe. Paint your face orange, wear orange gloves, fly an orange flag, paint your truck orange, put an orange vest on your dog, wrap your gun in orange tape, etc. Let's all have a good time and stay safe at the same time.

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I think you have to be nuts to go pheasant hunting during deer season on public land. I sure wouldn't do it.

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I would have to agree with BG. I hunt at least one day each weekend (also deer hunt up nort) but I totally avoid hunting pheasants during deer season. It's a good time to hit Mille Lacs or the game farm.

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I'm not saying don't come out. I'm saying if you do come out to be ready for deer hunters too, and be safe.

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    • FishinCT
      We couldn’t put a pattern together this week. The few keepers and the one 25” slot fish we got were caught moving slowly up and down reef edges in 15-24 feet. Nothing off the edge and nothing on the tops. Very tough fishing, found bugs and baitfish top to bottom in the water column almost everywhere we went. Should’ve just switched to bass. 
    • Dash 1
      Found a spot this morning and picked up 5. Lost over a dozen as well. 3 of us fishing and their inexperience hurt.  Hope the wife doesn't see this.😁   Found them on a hump about 17 ft. in big bay south end.  If I moved off it by 20 ft nothing. I think the best plan is to troll slowly and if you get 1 stop and jig it. Leeches or crawlers both worked.
    • Dash 1
      Found a spot this morning and picked up 5. Lost over a dozen as well. 3 of us fishing and their inexperience hurt.  Hope the wife doesn't see this.😁
    • Dash 1
      Skeeters are big and nasty at vermilion.  Any bigger I might start a chocolate covered deep fried mosquito for state fair food. 
    • Kettle
      Maybe his blood is not as tasty as mine? Just got back from a run, the deer flies were thick, I do have hair of a Greek god so they get lost in there 😅 
    • Eyeguyroyce54
      Find that 23 incher!!
    • Wanderer
      You may have more walleyes near your new crib than up north?  You’re not in the Metro anymore Toto!
    • leech~~
      Someday, I'll have to get down there and pitch something out.  Trying to find a Walleye up north been suking right now! 🫤
    • Rick G
      The mighty Mississippi has finally dropped enough that fishing isn't so much work again😂.  Been getting a good mix of river species this past week...lots and lots of bass though. Have even gotten a few real close to 20in.... Still looking for that first legit beast yet this summer.    Hey Leechy...... If you line up that big boulder and the hospital you pretty much got my area😁😂. 5-6 ft of water, fishies using the big rocks as a break from the current.  Crayfish and minnow colors with Ned rigs
    • smurfy
      my brother is up there right now..........he's been lippin off via text........which isnt unusual!!!!!!! 😆 but hasnt said anything about the bugs.......yet!!!!!   mayhaps with the vodka he drinks he dont notice!!!!!!🙄🤣
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