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River Walrus!

Dan Thiem

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Posting a picture for my bud Fiskyknut. He'll have to fill in the details on the what where and how. Congrats man what a sumo! cool.gif


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Ahhh Danielsawn it's on here too eh. More details to be found on the LOTW forum.

SWMuskeye....That is my happy face man! I don't post a pic less they're all the way and then some 30's and I don't crack a smile till they're bumping past the 32 inch mark!!!

Shackbash.....No Cats in the Rainy and this fish is exactly what I was after when I deceided to head upstream and fish some upriver fall haunts with a jig and a minnow. Now iffin you ever make it up here we do have some Gi-Normous Bullheads in the system that'd probably be right up your alley man!!!

Kidding aside, don't hang up your long rods yet guys. The fall bite on the Rainy River and the S shore of Traverse bay on the LOTW is as fine a Walleye fishing as you can find anywhere in the US and Canada if you want BIG Walleyes. There may be easier times and places to get a Trophy Walleye but there is no where better in the fall than right here at the top of the state thats for sure. Miles of uncrowded river and acres and acres out on the lake to spread out over with oodles of hungry Walleyes from Weee ones to Whoppers!

Lot's of BIG fish pulled from the river this past week including a 33 incher which would realisticly go 13+ pounds. Out on the lake early this week 100+ fish days were the norm. Try it once and you'll be back most likely.

Big fish bite just gets better and better as the water temps drop too.....Don't miss out on this bite if you can.


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SWMuskeye....That is my happy face man!

Yup sure is, should see him when the fishing is tough... grin.gif

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