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Make mine a double!!


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Today was the first day of my city hunt and boy was it great. I took 2 does before 8am!!

We went to set up our stands last night and there were 3 deer standing right where I wanted to setup. I couldn't scare them away until I walked right up to the top of the ridge. The ran 30yds and stopped. They stayed there while I proceeded to hang my steps and stand. One of them even bedded for a bit. I got down and left.

Showed up first thing this morning and decided to wait in the car until there was a bit more light. I dozed off and woke up right at legal shooting time. DOH! I got dressed quickly and headed to the stand. No sooner was a seated with my bow in my lap that I saw a HUGE doe walking towards me. She meandered up the hill right past one of the guys I'm hunting with, but she was still 40yds out from him. Thats too far for a city hunt. For us it has to be 20yds and a perfect angle or no shot. There is no room for error on a metro hunt.

She walked past and after about 20 mins of feeding her way to me she finally turned and offered a shot at 17yds. I pulled the trigger and watched my arrow fly funny and hit way back on the body. It was a good hit and broke her back, but terrible placement. She dropped and I had to put another arrow in her to finish it off. Turns out my nock broke on the shot and sent it off funny. It snapped off right inside the arrow.

There were still 3 more deer coming behind the first and they spooked immediately since they didn't know what dragged down the first doe. They ran around in circles wildly trying to catch some scent. Twice the bigger doe came to my stand, but the first time she wouldn't stop moving. I drew back but she bolted, not at me, but just cause she was nervous. She came back a few minutes later and this time she stopped at only 7yds. I drew back, took a breath and made sure I double checked everything, rest, arrow, anchor, everything. I didn't know why the first shot flew funny so I was a little worried. This time I took the shot and hit her perfect. Double lungs and she took two steps and collapsed. The two other does with her took off then. No chance for the turkey. The best part is these 4 weren't the ones I saw last night.

I got 2 deer in less than an hour of hunting and I've got to go back cause its all about deer removal for these hunts. It took me all day to get them registered, skinned, quartered and cleaned up. I didn't get to hunt tonight, but hopefully its not raining in the morning. I would love to do it again.

The BIG doe was probably in the 130-140 range. Her hind quarters are about 30lbs each and the outside tenderloins measured 27"!!!!!! Thats a lot of steak grin.gif

Only pic I've got is on my cell phone so I'll post it if I figure out how to download them.

Most expensive part of the day was breaking 2 arrows and wrecking the blades on one of the broadheads. I also changed out all my old nocks tonight. I was using a Darton Yukon XT at 65lbs with Gold Tip Hunter XT's with G5 Striker broadheads. The holes were amazing. 1 of the 3 arrows passed through and the others made it through, but not the vanes.

If tomorrows rainy you'll find me deboning and running the foodsaver. smile.gif

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Sounds like a great day. That's what the city hunts are for!

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Saw two more today, but they were downwind and getting pretty skeptical. I go back in two weeks for another shot. Our group harvested 13 deer in 2 days of hunting. Thats more than the sharpshooters took last year and they got paid.

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nice to hear powerstroke and congratulations im hoping to get at least one more just to prove to myself the first one i took wasnt just a lucky shot... he he...beginner skepticism

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Good Job Powerstroke! I may find mayself signing up for a Metro hunt... keep the success up and we will have more hunts offered and less sharpshooters!

Good Luck!


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