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9/29 report


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Don't tell me that the rain kept ALL of you off the river this weekend! It's Sun nite and by now there is usually a pretty good post of people and there weekend stories. Maybe we are all alittle down after losing to the Cheese-Heads!

I made it out yesterday a.m. and got a couple hours of trolling in before the skys opened up on me and the wind kicked up twenty notches. I was near Prescot when those storms moved in and thought that maybe I could hide under the bridges there and wait it out. WRONG!! It rains harder underneth them than outside cause they are just metal grates. Anyways, I knew the cover on my boat would come in handy one of these days and it did it job perfectly. I was able to troll around and hide out under it and barely needed a rain suit. I did stay around the bridges for awhile, atleast until the lightning died down.

Getting the fish to bite was a different story. I didn't get a single bite before or during the rain. I was trolling and I tried several different baits and depths, but no dice.

After a small lull in the rain I switched to drifting a spinner rig with a worm. I did pick up a nice sized channel cat and a 14.5 inch walleye like this. Then the wind kicked up to 25-30mph and the rain came back so I cut outta there. All in all it was a wet and unsuccessful day, but it bets the tar outta working!

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Got out this morning inbetween the heavy rains.Had my cousin in town for the weekend so we went golfing yesterday instead of fishing.I knew there was a reason I fish so much.Anyway we just went out and trolled a little bit in the Bayport area,pounded a bunch of silvers and caught 2 eyes,a 16 and 18 incher.Not bad for just putting 1 line out.Shad raps were the ticket today trolled on lead in 15 to 20 fow.....

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