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Anybody else used

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the mini divers and deepr diver disks. i used them this year on Superior and preferred them over the inline boards. Anybody else have the same love for them

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If your talking about Dypsie Divers V.S. Trolling boards they are 2 different animals.

The boards are more for getting baits out and away from your boat and the Dypsies are more for getting lures down and away a bit. They can not give you as big a spread as boards can.

I use Dypsies when I want to get lures down when my riggers are already full. I use boards when I want to get a spread out and away from the boat. This is due to boat spooked fish.

Also boards are more of a top water deal. Although I will add snap weights or inlines to get lures down more if I feel the need.

If I want to get down more and away from the boat Ill use a bigger dypsie.

Neither is the cure all and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

When you run both together you are taking advantage of both strengths.

Both are just another tool in the never ending arsenal we fisherman grow through out the years.

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I believe he is referring to the Walker Deeper Divers. Yes I bought a few this year and had success right away. I like them because I can turn any rod with 15# line into a dipsy. They don't dive as deep as a large dipsy but they certainly target the right part of the water column in the spring.

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    • AlwaysFishing23
      I would imagine the man made pepin connected to the sippi is open not the actual lake pepin?
    • paceman
      None that I am aware of...Maybe in 10-14 days....
    • redlabguy
      Brian, Flaw: you can’t extrapolate Mother Nature. RLG
    • Mike89
      or Brown county!!   
    • meerkat
      tried this last year,   not worth it in my opinion.    But I always wondered if I could eat the rusty crayfish.  has anyone tried? 
    • meerkat
      We need Skunkedagain to turn his wife's hair dryer full blast!!!!! Lol
    • eyeguy 54
      Decided to hit a couple spots today. Water too high at the first spot so I went to spot number two.  Two so far after 20 minutes
    • BrianF
      I hope this analysis is wrong, but was doing some math trying to guesstimate when Lake V might go ice free.   As of today, the DNR shows only one lake in the state to be ice free: Pepin.  Pepin went out 20 days later than the median date and 4 days later than the nearest comparable cold year of 2013.   If we extrapolate this same delay to Lake V, then we are looking at an ice out in the neighborhood of May 20th or 21st.  Not quite the record, but close - and plenty late enough to screw up a lot of plans.  Like I said, I hope this analysis is flawed somehow.
    • scrubby1
      Hey Guys,   Just wondering if any lakes are open or close to being open?  Got the itch to get the boat out and wet a line! 
    • delcecchi
      St Louis county has something similar on their web sight (sic) https://gis.stlouiscountymn.gov/LandExplorer/