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Salary Cap League Starters

Scott M

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Thought I'd post my starting group from yahoo salcap.

QB-Vinny Young

RB-Frank Gore

RB-Joe Addai

WR-Larry Fitzgerald

WR-Marvin Harrison

WR-Wes Welker

TE-Kellen Winslow

K-Nate Kaeding


Harrison and Addai had good starts to their season. I'm hoping to see what other owners have done and who you've found value in. Two years ago I hit it huge with Neil Rackers and Steve Smith. Rackers joined a high powered offense that couldn't punch it in and Smith was coming off an injury. Last year I had Marques Colston. Yahoo had him listed as a TE. He was a steal from the first quarter of the year on. Rookies are always good. You can stretch the money with a stud rookie.

I'm hoping Vince Young has a good sophomore year and I've heard good things about Wes Welker...those are probably my weakest positions. And I'm kind of gambling on Frank Gore but he has turned into an absolute beast and he's pretty cheap right now. Oakland was a fairly highly ranked defense last year and they are very affordable. I'm concerned they will spend too much time on the field, but who knows.

Anyone else care to share their lineup? I'll try to check this thing weekly if I change anything and hopefully others can do the same.

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QB - Philip Rivers

RB - Joe Addai

RB - Rudi Johnson

WR - A. Boldin

WR - Andre Johnson

WR - Reggie Wayne

TE - K. Winslow

K - Longwell

DEF - Tenn

Tenn. def is a stretch but I didn't want to spend more on a defense and lose one of my offensive players

I'm new to the salary league, but I thought you had to adjust your team each week to stay under the salary cap depending on the changing value of your players. am i wrong?

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QB - Roethsliberger

RB - Steven Jackson

RB - Reggie Bush

WR - Colston

WR - V. Jackson

WR - R. Moss

TE - V. Davis

K - J. Medlock

DEF - Philly

I have a feeling this week I will be able to get some cap room back on Bush and Colston and get a better Kicker or upgrade somewhere else. Also thought that Moss was a good buy at 8.13M, I think he will be a steal this year at that price.

B.Amish nope you can keep that team the whole year. After last night the price on Addai is going to skyrocket but you will get to keep him on your roster and he will only cost you the 10.48 you paid. In my case I will sell Bush and Colston this week because their value is going to drop which will give me cap room to either upgrade at one of those positions or upgrade another position. But if you would sell Addai and then decide you want him back you would have to pay the new week price for him. Hope this makes sense!

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QB T. Romo

RB R. Bush

RB J. Addai

WR R. Wayne

WR St. Smith

WR T. Owens

TE E. Johnson

K R. Longwell

DEF Washington

I was pretty cheap on my defense, but hopefully I will be able to upgrade with bush's value going down next week.

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I'm hoping Brees value drops way down since he scored negative fantasy points in some leagues. I've seen him ranked as high as the #2 QB for 07-08. I'd scoop him up if that happened.

I like everybody else's WR trios better than mine but I don't know if I'm willing to skimp on K and TEs. The numbers don't match up for me.

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I think Eric Johnson is going to be a surprise at TE. He is a big target for Brees as we saw against the Colts. As far as Longwell, we all know the Vikes troubles in the red zone. Like I said before, my biggest gamble is my defense. However, I'll take Washington the 1st week against a horrible Miami offense.

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Sold all my guys that dropped in value and got 7 Million in cap room back! Picked up GB's kicker, Reggie wayne, Indy D and Adrian. Here's my new lineup:

Big Ben

S. Jackson


Reggie Wayne

Randy Moss


V. Davis



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Way to go on Big Ben. He really lit it up. I had a rough week. 60 points or so. If you want to win your league you need like 90-100 a week.

I switched to:

QB-Carson Palmer







K-Nick Folk


My thoughts are that Oakland will get their act together. Nick Folk is cheap and Dallas' offense will probably be an NFL 5-10 top offense.

I don't regret starting Vinny Young...he will get you the win, but he may not get you a FANTASY win. Can't go wrong with Carson Palmer. You NEED to get 2-3 TDs a week to keep up with everyone else. QBs are probably the most important scorer in salcap, even ahead of RBs.

Overall not a lot of scoring in Week 1 except Indy, New England, Dallas...lots of offenses aren't in sync yet.

I am in wait and see mode with Adrian Peterson...will he do that every week? Prices of other backs will go up each week so if you do pull the plug on Peterson later you will have to juggle your whole roster and lose a lot of value...if he does blow up, great, you are the smart man...I'm leaning towards less production than week 1.

Any other thoughts, predictions, or changes for the rest of you guys? If you find a trend, do share...it may help us all out, worse case scenario we can agree to disagree.

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One more thing, if you are looking for a cheap WR or cheap anything, check out Wes Welker, I think he is going to be a slot receiver stud. He's a little more proven than some of the cheap WR rookies (Jarett, Johnson, etc.) He's super quick and durable and scores points on special teams too. He's like the white Troy Brown from a few years ago on that team...I'm guessing he'll put up 7-8 TDs and close to 1,000 yds.

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I switched around a little bit.....picked up jackson, moss, and indy....dropped boldin, r. johnson, and tennessee

P. Rivers

J. Addai

St. Jackson

R. Moss

A. Johnson

R. Wayne

K. Winslow



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I ended up with 102.26 points last week. Good for #306 with MN Group and #282 with WI Group. Switched things around a little this week and got the following going:

QB: Manning

RB: Addai, A. Peterson

WR: C. Johnson, A. Johnson, W. Welker

TE: Witten

K: Folk

D: Cincinnati

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Congrats! That's a great score. I like your roster, maybe AP will really get things rolling. I think Andre Johnson will be a stud...hope he gets more TDs than last year.

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Well I had a pretty good week but it could have been much better. None of my WRs scored and that is a little concerning for me. I feel like if I dump them now, they will wake up the week I get rid of them. Moss and Andre Johnson are looking really good, but Johnson strained his PCL and Randy Moss, well, he could score 2 more times the rest of the season or 14 more times the rest of the season and it woudlnt' surprise me. Chad Johnson is looking like a nice pickup, or T.J. Housh. Steve Smith had a nice game. Roy Williams is getting a lot of balls thrown his way and Martz seems to be back to 70/30 pass to run splits. Burress is having a strong start.

I'm a little befuddled on the WR game. There are some guys that have >2 TDs and some guys that have struggled and where we go from here is interesting.

I was pleased with Oakland, Nick Folk, Carson Palmer (obviously), and Gore and Addai. I might be sticking with my RBs for the rest of the year since they are locked in at decent values. QB I'm not sure of, but Palmer has potential to do what he did any game. He's crazy efficient. At one time he was 24-27 for like 300+.

I hope some of you had players in the Browns-Bengals shootout.

If I change anything I'll post again but right now I'm guessing I'll stick with last weeks starters. However I woudl like to hear what others have done at WR or what they think will happen with receievers from here out.

I'm up from next to last to the middle of my league, and as I said last week I dont' expect those ahead of me to stay there while relying on defenses to score them big points and backs that split carries to go off. But I'd rather be proactive than reactive at this point...if you wait too long you can't afford the guys you should have had or you get sucked into picking the trendy picks that everyone else has and then no one's positions change.

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I dropped Romo because of the matchup against the bears in Chicago. I replaced him with Brady. I dropped TO for the same reason and was able to pick up Moss. I know I'm rolling the dice on QB WR combos, but I'm in 2nd place in my league. I'll keep Addai since his value is only going up and obviously Steve Smith as being the top WR in value. So far, Washington has done very well for me at $7.22.

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My teams tanked a bit last week, especially with the Cincinnati Defense. I'm down to #702 in the Green Bay Group and #653 in the MN Group. Didn't help me with AJ going down either. I still like him for the season, so I'm betting his value will go down a bit and hopefully should be able to grab him later at a bit of a discount. Here's what I'm going with this week.

QB: P. Manning

RB: J. Addai

WR: Ch. Johnson, W. Welker, Ca. Johnson

TE: K. Winslow

K: N. Folk

D: Indianapolis

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Just an FYI I was reading the rules and I found out you don't get points for special teams on salcap. Those are credited to defenses. So I'm not getting any points for Welker's returns. One person in our league signed Devin Hester at WR for like $1, but his special teams TD didn't count. FYI....

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Jacoby Jones as a Sunday Sleeper in place of Andre Johnson? I know the Vikes really wanted to draft him, Gary Kubiak says he's gonna get some time.

All the websites I'm reading are saying AP is gonna be a fantasy stud the rest of the year, he's an every week play....maybe I'll have to pick him up afterall frown.gif Not this week, but eventually. I still have to see. Vikings aren't scoring a lot of points...he gets his yards, but what happens when Taylor returns?

Also read Steve Smith is guaranteeing a 2000 yard season...this guy is lights out, so you might consider grabbing him...his value is super high right now though.

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Also read Steve Smith is guaranteeing a 2000 yard season...this guy is lights out, so you might consider grabbing him...his value is super high right now though.

Man, I'd like to, but I just checked his price and he's up to almost $19. Think I'll keep CJ for the price I got him for early on. I couldn't afford Smith now if I wanted.

On a side note, is anyone doing the Fantasy Football Challenge on NBC Sports?

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here is my lineup for this week:



w parker

r moss

d branch

r wayne

k winslow

n folk


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Well, I switched to Randy Moss and to afford him swapped Carson Palmer with Tony Romo. Romo really impressed me last week. My thoughts are the Patroits will do a number on the Bengals and Palmer won't score too high (although I'm sure he'll pass for lots of yards). I'd like to have Palmer for the rest of the year...I hope I can afford him again, this is kind of risky I know.

I had another cruddy week. Hope this one is better. Sure seems like my guys are poised to break out, just not sure why they haven't....can't wait too much longer, 60 points out of 1st and that guy has the Midas touch changing his roster weekly (risky IMO, doubt he can do that all season)

G'luck this week

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I'm liking Romo as well and switched out Manning a couple days ago for him. I think as long as Owens is healthy he's a good play. I made a few switches as well. Right now I'm sitting with 264.61 points good for 1024 in the GB group and 839 in the MN group. Here's what I'm going with for the week.






S. McDonald

A. Gates

N. Folk

Dallas D

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Major changes to my roster for week 5 on account of injuries and byes.

QB-Romo-I just might hold onto this guy for the season! very impressive

RB-Edge. James-I sold Frank Gore. His hand is hurt, he's facing 9 men in the box, and his team is in a Vikingslike state of ineptness. Meanwhile Wisenhunt and Arizona are pounding the football with Edge.

WR-Moss. The sky is the limit. Everyone in salcap needs this guy at this point. Supafreak. Just might put up those rookie year numbers.

WR-Holt. He is available cheap and is due for a breakout game. Same with Larry Fitzgerald. I had to sell Marvin Harrison after limited production and an injury last week.

WR-Brandon Marshall. This rookie is doing very well for himself. I swapped him out with Wes Welker. I want to go back to Welker eventually when his production picks back up. Dwayne Bowe is another good fit here...Rookie WR that has scored 3 straight weeks.

TE-Winslow-He's hurt but I don't want to lose the value I've added from him. He won't have a good week but he'll still be on my team for his season starting price.

K-Nick Folk. Between this guy and the GB kicker, they are cheap and in the top 4 of Kickers. Dallas is scoring lots of points.

DEF-Well, Oakland had a bye week so I went with Houston. The Texans are a top 5 scoring defense through the first quarter of the season. They should do well against an offensively struggling Miami team.

I may tinker with this team before the weekend but that's my mid-week take. I'm still like 50 out of first but the chickens are slowly coming to roost. I'm up to 4th place. The guy in second place freefell to like 9th, he scored 35 points last week after completely shaking up his roster...Don't take too many chances is the moral of his story (like Brian Griese and backs that split carries!...besides, if you change things every week you're more like to whiff than hit home runs, stick with a guy and the law of averages says you'll hit a few big games here and there...just be consistent), and don't talk too much smack (he rips everybody each week as he reviews the standings top to bottom-talk about karma reversal)

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I had some school work and work around the house and so was under house arrest last weekend. It ended up being a good thing fantasy wise. I turned on Paul Charchian on KFAN and he said Addai wouldn't play. Went over to Fanball (Big tip here....Fanball is a paysite, but a lot of their bench/start, waiver wire Mondays, and last minute injury report stuff is free, so check that out), and they echoed that statement and advised playing Kenton Keith. Well, I signed him up and juggled the roster. I ended up playing Romo (boo!), Keith, Edgerrin James (who I just read lost a touchdown on some freaky play), Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald (since I figured out that Bolden wouldn't play), Reggie Wayne, Kellen Winslow, Nick Folk, and Houston's D.

Overall, Houston, Moss, and Romo were the only ones that had poor fantasy games. So in a week with little scoring around the league I did pretty well and stretched out the dollar.

I leapfrogged up to 3rd, and the two guys ahead of me are hearing footsteps as I've closed the gap the last two weeks. Next week if this happens I won't be so lucky as I've got a hunting trip planned.

So here are my Week 6 starts:

QB-Tom Brady or Carson Palmer(He's expensive but worth it, Romo isn't bad either here but Brady is going to get his 3 a week this season, Palmer should get his the rest of the season but can't throw so many picks)

RB-Reggie Bush (McAllister is out)

RB-Maurice Jones-Drew (He might have gotten back on track)

WR-Randy Moss (Supafreak)

WR-Larry Fitzgerald (Not many good options this week at WR)

WR-Dwayne Bowe (Cincy pass def.)

TE-Winslow (He's not Witten or Gates but he gets his)

K-Nick Folk (Stud-I will keep him through the bye at this value)

DEF-Arizona (Takes on David Carr and Carolina)

It's getting tough to make the dollar stretch but this is true for any team out there. The byes are starting and will really mess up teams from here to the end. This week and next brings some tough decisions. SOme guys are so cheap you need to keep them through the bye, other times you have to have the points.

I will be rejuggling my team next week because I want to go back to Addai. I may keep Moss at his price through the bye too.

Anybody else have guys that are really high on? Ronnie Brown is on a tear.

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I had to shake everything up. So last week I had a mediocre week, but the worst part of it all was that I decided to take Palmer over Brady to afford some better receiving. You all know what happened with Brady. Now he's on pace to break the single season TD record and there is no way I will be able to afford him. Our first place guy has him locked in like $10 cheaper than anyone else can get him. If I were him I'd keep him through the bye for that price. So now we have to beat him at all other positions when QB is the main scorer.

Here's what I went with:






WR-Bobby Engram

TE-H. Miller



It's too early to give up but last week made Brady untouchable and the Pats are going to run up the score on everyone. If I could bet on it, I'd put $20 on New England to go undefeated this year and beat the 72 Dolphins record.

Anybody find any cheap guys poised for big games? All I could find was Engram, Seattle is a little short at WR, last week he had 120 yrds, might get that and a score this week.

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Spun my wheels last week. I don't think anyone moved up or down by any significant margin. So I will need to pick up the pace. I'll be interested to see what our group's leader does when Brady's bye week comes up.

I'm going with:


RB-Adrian Peterson

RB-Marshawn Lynch


WR-S. Smith

WR-B. Marshall


K-Nick Folk-keeping him thru the bye...I can't afford kickers anymore

DEF-Tampa Bay

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Had to find a QB with Romo on the bye. Like you, I found the value in Roethlisberger. Like the TB defense as well going against Q. Gray and Jacksonville. For the standings I'm sitting at #725 for the MN Group and #871 for the GB group with a 23,104 ranking overall. Here is what I got going this week:

QB> B. Roethlisberger

RB> A. Peterson

RB> R. Bush

WR> R. Moss

WR> B. Marshall

WR> W. Welker

TE> A. Gates

D> Tampa Bay

K> P. Dawson

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here is my team for week 8:

D Brees

A Peterson

J Addai

R Moss

B Edwards

Chad Johnson

C Cooley

M Crosby


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  • 2 weeks later...

I basically had to keep the same team as last week, not that it was all bad as Roethlisberger went off last night. Scored about $100 this week.

BUT, the big deal is, New England is on the BYE. Should be interesting to see what the rest of the league does, including the league leader. I'm still sitting in 3rd, but might make up some ground this week.

Anybody know when Travis Henry will be gone? I'm waiting on Selvin Young cause he's actually really cheap.

One last question, did anyone notice that last week's price increases on Y! were outrageous? It kind of prices everyone out of making any moves anymore....I'm afraid most standings wont' change much cause you are pretty well locked into players for good from here out....Penny for other's thoughts, 2 pennies for any bargains.....

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      Fished a southwest metro lake on Saturday and still drove out. One truck was already out when I got there. Only caught a couple small bluegill as I chased the schools around. They just wouldn't stay still. Went back to where I caught them on the 15th and there were plenty of gills and crappie. Gills were 7.5-8" with one 9" and the crappies were 9-10" with one 11 3/4". Tried a new reel, 13 Fishing Descent (thanks Royce) on the Tickle Stick and once I got the free spool tension setting adjusted, I liked it. Glad I brought the ice cleats. Should have brought a sun buff, my face got a little red. Waved a younger guy on a snowmobile over since he was looking more than fishing. Turns out we met about 8-9 years ago duck hunting but hadn't seen each other since. Met his dad and talked to him about 45 minutes since we had some stuff in common. All it took was me willing to share my spot that made the last part of my outing more enjoyable.
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