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This worries me more than CRP loss

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I just read on line that hunters are down 10.7% in the last 10 years. The number one reason is lack of affordable places to hunt. The average guy cant afford thousand dollar pheasant hunts for a few days, If he want to bring his kids its a HUGE expense. 3000 for a few days hunting. Pay to hunt is going to kill our sport. Please dont support it! you can see how much land is already locked up, available only to the people with big money, THe number of hunters goes down and we loose our voice in congress and elsewhere. Soon we will be such a small minority that our voice will not be heard and then the fat lady will sing.

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True,lack of access is one of the reasons cited in the USFWS report, which is basically a compilation of reports from state ADF&G agencies. And it IS a primary reason people are dropping out. What is more disheatening is the fact that YOUNG people are not interested: mom hates guns' dad doesn't hunt;sitting in front of a video screen is more exciting than sitting in a cold damp duck or deer blind and why walk through all that stubble, swamp and briarland when I can work out at the gym?

Now, toss in the price of ammunition-have you checked the prices for shotgun shells yet this fall?- and it gets tougher than ever to justify it.

And speaking of the "fat lady singing...." One of the fat ladies who'd love to sing away hunting and shooting wants to be your president!!!

Remember, buy your shotgun shells now; there is likely going to be another price increase before the end of the season.

That is all. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. At ease. confused.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • IceHawk
      Great Time today! We didn't put the slam to them  but boy did I enjoy the day. I know I did a lot  more relaxing and jaw jacking today then fishing LOL! But after as many days as I have spent on the ice my  thought process lately has been been there done that this winter,   so really didn't go at it to hard.   My Ice season is comeing to a end and today I was alright with that.  It was a day of laughs, great eats and some serious relaxation among a great group of guys. I know I wish I would of put some sunscreen on the face wow Hot tomato LOl! Bet Joe is hurting also he looked a little pink mid day. Thanks Royce, Rick G , Joe and his father for the good times., we have  done a few of these mini get togehter's this winter and I believe our friendships have grown stronger everytime we share the ice together.  Looking forward to possibly another outing if not open water is just around the corner 
    • imhatz
      hmm good to know...i am still waiting on info for crane...thanks
    • eyeguy 54
      good eats, good guys, a few good fish, fun in the sun. 
    • Better Than Working!
      Never heard of that in all my years! They look delicious! I take my dad to Rainy Lake ever June for his birthday and do a nice shore lunch. Walleye wings will be on the menu this year! Thanks for the thread!
    • Rick
      They knocked the Wolvies around a bit. 102-82
    • AlwaysFishing23
      What do y’all think a week from now? Will Duluth be fishable from the boat. A lot of ice around right now. Might have to wait yet rather stay around Duluth than drive another half hour to two harbors.
    • mulefarm
      Will Green be ice free for Govenors opener?
    • Bigfatbert
      Just make sure there are not any tiny , tiny little bloodsuckers attached to the fins , as they so often are up on these front fins ..  I don't mean to spoil ur appetite... like the cheeks ,these wings need to come from a larger walleye in order to get much out it ..
    • TomWehler
      Scaled n skin on after gut n de-head. Wash n batter n sizzle. Fork at Dorsel n whole fillet falls onto plate or butter bun or hounds mouth. : ). Mmmmm sooo good.      I dream melt ice at Nine inches per week starting today -  Pike bay be open day before opener clear out to Marauderville. Then Bonnie n I n Polar Bear do opener on Docks as per our tradition. Dreams are fun.   Then everyone wants to can enjoy the fever reducer that is our sweet Vermilion. Big Smiles. Maybe weekend after opener?  All good but just miss our lil chunk of paradise x million. An lake friends n nuts.  Think warm thinks!  Thanks for letting me post some n butt in on threads a bit. Still two feet of snow here n same ice an nothing to do outside easy.  Peace...     T
      Thanks guys for the information.  I will stop in at Fred's sometime this summer and say hello.