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harvey lee

It got away.

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harvey lee

Myself and a couple of friends spent the last two days with Jonny P on Red. My goal was to hook up with a trophy northern and catch a few eyes and crappies.

Day 1 we headed out to a eye spot and the winds were not in our favor. We fished that spot along with a few others and picked up our slot limit and quite a few others along with some nice crappies. We then headed into Westwinds for a fish fry. After lunch, we headed out to find my trophy pike that I'm sure was swimming in this great fish factory. We did battle with the high seas and finally hooked up with a nice 38 incher that my buddy caught. We fought the winds for a little longer and the weather was not in our favor for these trophy pike.

Day 2 started out better than the day before with many nice eyes caught to fill the limit. We found many slot fish and releashed many others for a great first two hours of the day. Now, my time was to begin looking for my trophy northern that has never found my hook. We trolled for awhile and within the first 10 minutes I picked up two smaller northerns with the bigger going approx 25 inches, approx one half of the fish I have been looking for. We trolled for another hour plus without a hit. Jonny then said we were going to check out another spot and cast for some. On about my tenth cast, bam,set hook and game on until the fish was gone unbuttoned. We worked for approx another 10-15 minutes and I had the hit of my life and really set the hook on this fish, I started reeling in and knew that I had a very good fish on so I give that baby another good hook set. The fish was near the boat and went deep and towards the back of the boat doubling over Jonny's MH musky rod. I made the mistake of letting my rod lower as the fish was going towards the back of the boat and feared he would get hung up in the motor. When I dropped my rod a little ways, the hook unbuttonned from my fish I have always wanted.

Jonny, I cannot thank you enough for a great two days of fishing and for putting me on the fish I have been looking for, for many years. You put us on some very good fishing when other fisherman were not having very good days with this wind.

I would suggest that anyone who is looking for a great time on Upper Red to give Jonny P of Outdoors with Jonny P a call and he will show you what this lake is all about.

Once again Jonny, Thanks for a great two days. We will be up this winter for sure.


I would also like to thank the gang at the Drake motel as they do make you feel at home and I dont believe you could find a cleaner motel room anywhere around.


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Random guy

Thats pike fishing Tom, it only takes one false move with these big pike before they smile and swim away. Although I would have to bet that pike is still upset from butt chewing you gave it. grin.gif

Looks like you guys forgot to take the wind back home with you, today we once again have heavy winds. Red lake pike like the water clear and warm to really get agressive. I beleive we are into the 33 day of pike season and 26 of those days have brought us heavy winds stirring up the lake. Red lake currently is not red in color; more of a gray from all the silt in the water not to mention we are about a month behind in water temps. Three good calm days with warm temps and the pike are gonna go bonkers.

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harvey lee

I guess I will just need to make another Red lake run to hook up with one of those trophy northerns. I had my heart set on catching one of the big ones and I guess I did have the chance to do somewhat of a battle with that bruiser. Maybe next time I will not make the mistake again on another nice one.

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Who is this Jonny P guy? It sounds like he knows how to catch fish. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

Seriously though, I have got to get my arse up there already. As soon as I can get some time off from work we are coming up there.

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sidecar pan fishin man

What a great fishing story...yep Jonny P. knows how too catch big pike!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one on my wall from him and the waskish minnow station and a ice fishing rod that should stand up too kelly and jonnys style of fishing...... Troy Pike

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • ZachD
      I agree the Mississippi I love the river I don't know much about it up there as I live more south But I fish the Mississippi just south of Elk river and the Rum river for Small mouth. I will take a 3lb river smallie fight over a 5lb lake bass any day 😁 Plus Get some bonus walleyes and big Northern as well   
    • chizek
      Anyone ever fish the stretch of the mississippi like highway 694 bridge to the lowry ave bridge   in ne minneapolis mn 
      any general info im looking for  been kind of exploring it 

    • DLD24
      Do you have any tips for fishing Fish Lake this time of year? I'm gonna try it out in the next few days... Is it typically an early morning, late evening bite or can you get them all day long? Thanks for any info.
    • PRO-V
      Calling them would be your best bet. Maybe you can reserve some on a card.
    • delcecchi
      starft you off.... https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/lake.html?id=69066000 http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/data/lakemaps/b0537011.pdf Status of the Fishery Ely Lake is located approximately 2 miles SE of the city of Eveleth. This popular lake is highly developed with homes and cabins. There is a small seaplane base and two public swimming beaches also located there. Water clarity is good and large amounts of aquatic vegetation can be found throughout the lake. 

      There is a concrete planked boat ramp and dock located near the NE end of the lake off Cedar Island Drive (CR629) for public access. The parking space is somewhat limited near the ramp. Several private accesses are also present. 

      Thirteen species of fish were sampled during the 2017 survey on Ely Lake. Gill nets, trap nets and night electrofishing were all used to sample the fish community. Small bluegill were common in the gill net catch (34%) and abundant in the trap net catch (57%). Other panfish species including hybrid sunfish, pumpkinseed, green sunfish and black crappie were also sampled in good numbers. Largemouth bass outnumbered smallmouth bass in the 2017 sample. Walleye (16%) contributed to the gill net catch and several were sampled in the trap nets. Yellow perch are present in average amounts and some good sized pike were again sampled during the 2017 survey. 

      Bluegill numbers in 2017 (72.1/trap net) were much higher than the long term average (31.6/trap net) on Ely Lake and greatly above average (7.9/trap net) compared to other similar lakes in the area. The average bluegill sampled was 5.6 inches long and about 6 years old. Approximately 66% of the bluegill sampled with the trap nets were under 6 inches with a maximum size recorded of 8.0 inches. Bluegill sampled with the gill nets had a similar size structure. Approximately 7% of the hybrid sunfish sampled in the trap nets were 8 inches or larger. Several pumpkinseeds were also in this size range. 

      Largemouth bass (92%) and smallmouth bass (8%) were sampled during the night electrofishing effort. The average largemouth sampled was 10.9 inches which is similar to the historic average of 10.6 inches. The biggest largemouth sampled was 18.5 inches. Approximately 33% of the largemouth sampled were 12 inches or larger. The average smallmouth sampled was 9.8 inches which is slightly larger than the historic average (8.4 inches). The largest smallmouth sampled was 16.8 inches long. Approximately 32% of the smallmouth sampled were 12 inches or larger. Largemouth bass were also sampled from the gill nets and trap nets in numbers above average. 

      Walleye numbers in 2017 (6.2/gill net) were similar to the historic average (6.1/gill net) on Ely Lake and slightly above average (5.0/gill net) when compared to other similar area lakes with walleye. The average walleye sampled was 15.5 inches and about 4 years old. Approximately 34% of the walleye sampled were 15 inches or larger up to a maximum of nearly 29 inches. Walleye fingerlings are currently being stocked during even-numbered years and in 2017 approximately 62% of the walleye aged came from years where stocking occurred. 

      Northern pike numbers in 2017 (1.1/gill net) were similar to the historic average (1.3/gill net) and below average (3.2/gill net) compared to other similar area lakes with pike. The average pike sampled was 26.8 inches which is similar to the historic average length of 26.3 inches. The largest pike sampled in 2017 was 35.2 inches long and sampled with a trap net. 
    • gizmoguy
      Yes they do. Many resorts are set up for summer usage. Understand you can't use your FH in the storage lots. Only in a summer use lot. You have to pay for it. The cost is in addition to your winter fees. Usually more $ but the season is longer. The county requires the resorts to have bathroom facilities within a certain distance. Mac's Twin Bay has summer lots as do many others. Hunter's Point is another. Doubt Brandt's is set up for summer.
      Sweet! Heading back up tonight through the weekend. Bringing the wife and little one this time instead of my buddies, hopefully the weather cooperates.
    • Neutz68
      Heading up Sat morning and will be looking for Shiners. Anyone know if the Gateway and/or Kab Outdoors have them in stock??    Thanks for the input.
    • crappieslapper
      Hi Guys & Gals, My brother in law recently purchased a property on Ely Lake. All the boys are invited up this year on Memorial. Unfortunately nobody in the family has been on the lake before. I thought I would reach out to the pros here on the forum to see if anyone would be willing to give us a few tips on fishing this lake. Thanks in advance, Dan
    • crappieslapper
      Hey Forum, My brother in law just purchased on Ely Lake. Memorial weekend will be the first time on lake. Wondering if anyone has some experience/tips they would be willing to offer the Ely lake rookies. Thanks so much. Dan