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  2. Much of MN has been seeing strong storms every couple days over the last week but that hasn’t slowed out Leech Lake Walleye Guides from getting on the fish. Not a ton has changed since last week fishing Leech Lake out of Walker MN. However, we did notice a pattern change in the bait of choice. Both Lindy rigging and pulling cranks have changed a bit. Much like last Week we are still focusing on Lindy rig fishing. The water temp has dropped back into the lower 70s which has the fish looking for leeches again and less likely to hit crawlers. The humps of Walker bay have b
  3. The Walleyes are in their full summer patterns now. Our Leech Lake Fishing Guides are finding the walleyes in a few different places using a few different techniques. The key times of the day are the low light periods which has been an important factor for catching these fish on calm sunny days. Trolling the flats has put mid summer Leech Lake Walleyes in the boat. The main idea here is to cover ground using crank baits and find the active fish. Aim to move the boat at about 2 mph and getting your lure of choice within 2 feet of the bottom. Don’t spend too much time on on spot even
  4. Learn all about Leech Lake. The history, musky fishing, walleye fishing, perch fishing, panfish and tullibee. Ice Fishing and Open water along with seasonal trends. This will be outdoors and location will be share once you email me at [email protected] Cost will be $100 per person.

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