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Changing Waiting Rooms

Bobby Bass


TIMES HAVE CHANGED a lot from going to sitting at DOC Burriem’s store front office to the big city. Back in the day You would enter into the office after walking around the rope that DOC would tie his car to the old hitching post. The rope was an old habit of DOC’s that he had from when he had his horse and buggy. You would go inside and find yourself a seat either on the tattered leather couch or the oak chairs that were rescued from the town’s library when it was remodeled. DOC would come out and ask who was next and you waited your turn unless you were bleeding to much and it bothered the other patients. A collection of tattered Field and Streams or Outdoor Life magazines would be on the coffee table and maybe a Fish and Fur if no one had taken it home. An air pot with luke warm water and some packets of freeze dried coffee with a short stack of paper cups were on a table, but no one ever used them.


Now the last few days here in the big city I have been in and out of a few waiting rooms. Big screen TV’s are the norm and two kinds of coffee and tea are common. I had a test this morning where the waiting room had fresh baked cookies! Yesterday I had a PET done which is a Positron Emission Tomagraphy. I went to a city clinic and was escorted through the building and out the back exit. I could not recall anything I said in registration that would have gotten me kicked out but as I left the building I stood in front of a big trailer and the PET machine. The thing was mobile and as I talked to the tech he told me it cost three million dollars, now that is an expensive RV. I spent forty minutes in a tube and the wife watched the whole thing, her being a nurse she thought it was great entertainment and later told me she should have brought popcorn.


This morning I had what I hope is the last test for awhile, a bone marrow biopsy. It was not that bad at all, but then again it might be because I had a DOC who does them all the time and I will always take experience when it comes to drilling a hole in my hip. Now a few hours later as I sit back at home in my big easy chair I just feel like I was on the receiving end of a good hip check with no pads. Monday I start treatment as all of the tests were to set up baselines and will be used to determine what drugs will be used. When it was all said and done the Lab tech told me I had done good and she told me a little story about an old guy who was 89 and still raised beef, he was there for a bone biopsy. He was a wiry guy who jumped right up on the table and when they were done with the procure she asked him how the pain was, he told her "Compared to being kicked by a two ton bull it was not all that bad."


So what I have learned these past few weeks is that everyone is different and don’t listen to much to how bad things can be but it is not that bad an idea to listen to how good things will be, I want to thank the people who have reached out to me and a big thanks to a few of you that have gone through what I am about to start out on and have offered me your support. Stories from the Lake might be a little different for awhile as I am looking at things a little differently but I will sure try and keep the fishing reports coming from Lake Iwanttobethere

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You will still be in the Prayers of so many , most of which you have never even met. Stay strong and stay positive.


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