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Air Drying

Bobby Bass


RAN OUT OF cough drops so I took a ride into town, actually I was looking for an excuse to just get out. My first stop was at the pharmacy where I found nothing but empty shelves where the cough drops should be hanging. I talked with both of the owners Dave and Dave and they told me cough drops along with nose spray would be coming in sometime this weekend by dogsled. I guess everyone in town really does have a cold. Next stop was to see Big Earl at the General Store and his convince racks were also empty but he did have a couple of packs behind the counter that were not my brand so I passed on his offer of them. On a whim I went over to the Close Enough Store and there I found my brand and I bought a couple of bags and then turned around and bought one more just in case.


My travels took me past the Lake Iwanttobethere Laundromat which I see had a sign in the window stating that they had just expanded. A couple of the FELLOWS own the Laundromat so I was curious to see what they had done. I walked in and Tiny wearing his tool belt greeted me and I walked around to where Gary was just finishing up installing a couple of new washing machines. We talked some and Gary was bragging how now they were up to twenty washing machines and I notice they had not added any dryers. "Gary" I said "When you add washers don’t you have to add more dryers?" Gary nodded his head yes and said "Tiny show Bobby our new dryer bay" I followed to what I thought was the back door and we went outside. Tiny doing his best "Price is Right model wave" showed me about 300’ of clothes line hanging between the two neighboring buildings. "Drying is free but you have to rent the clothes pins." Tiny said.


I made my way back to the Tahoe and as I passed Gary I told him he should hang a sign that they were now offering totally "Organic Air "Drying" tourist should really eat that up. Gary nodded his head in agreement and as I went out the door he was talking to Tiny about making a sign. Next stop was the Lodge and I drove past the Fish Market I got a glimpse of a familiar face ducking around the corner of the building. I was in no hurry so I went out of my way and turned left instead of right and spotted Leechlake just getting into his truck with a suspicious looking white paper covered bundle. I could not resist so I honked my horn and gave Leechlake a tip of my cap.


Nothing going on at the Lodge so I just checked my mail and left before someone could cough on me. I don’t want my strain to mix with another and create a supper cold. Back at home I took my time walking to the cabin as the sidewalk was ice covered but more snow is in the forecast so I am not going to do anything about it just now. I was greeted at the door by my private duty nurse Duncan. He is getting to be a good nurse as last night when I tried to sleep he kept coming in and waking me up every fifteen minutes just like a real nurse. He would jump in bed and put his paw on my chest and I would open my eyes and we would look at each other. He would stay that way till I told him I am fine then would jump off to continue his rounds here at Lake Iwanttobethere


105 days

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