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Bobby Bass


SOME SNOW FALLING here at Lake Iwanttobethere today. I found this out early as Duncan was let outside by the wife and when he was let back in he came and jumped in bed with me. I found out about the snow because there was a layer of it, the snow on Duncan’s back. Duncan rolled against me to get the snow off and I got a fresh start to the day. I got up and got dressed and made my way to the kitchen just in time to hear the phone ring and the wife pick up. I gave her a look and she cover the mouth piece to tell me it was her mother calling, she was telling the wife she did not win the power ball last night and here she had bought TWO tickets, Hmmm, go figure.


I did make it to the Lodge yesterday, Chuck came over and we installed the replacement battery in the Tahoe and I guess I was in need of a battery for awhile. The new one sure spins the starter now. It did however cost me an entire apple pie as when Chuck came into the cabin the wife met him and just gave him a whole pie, no questions asked. I sat down at the kitchen table and discussed with the wife the art of the trade and the value a apple pie has, fresh out of the oven in the dead of winter. Here at Lake Iwanttobethere an apple pie is worth as much as two boxes of girl scout cookies late in the fall. We were interrupted by a knock on the deck door, I got up to answer it and found Elmer standing there with his nose a sniffing, He asked if I had an apple pie and I told him "Chuck just left here with one and he was saying he was going to invite you over, he is probably calling your place right now!" And with that Elmer headed off to Chucks before the wife could offer him any of my pie.


Yesterday was cold but already this afternoon it is in the middle twenties. Some snow flakes are falling and they are the real light fluffy kind that just makes everything look clean again. I could go get the leaf blower out and use it to clean the deck off but I that just sounds like make work to me. Duncan went down already and picked up the mail, and now is when I should be getting seed catalogs and when I don’t get any I am a little disappointed. I did get a fishing catalog and I called up Chuck and we talked fishing for awhile. A quick check of the calendar shows me that we are only 116 days away from opener. Matter of fact I think we are close enough that I will start adding the number of days left at the end of my posts, that way anyone reading this will be able to keep track.


It being the dead of winter neither one of us really have a lot of pressing things that need to be done around the home front. Usually this time of the year we just sit back in our den chairs and talk on the phone about fishing, lakes we should go to, maybe buy some new lures or get out some old ones. We talk until the phone batteries start to beep telling us the phone is going dead, sometimes the conversation can be a few hours long. Today we made it past fishing and started to talk about gardening, not flowers but food gardening. Growing the right kind of baking potatoes to eat with porterhouse steaks was today’s topic. As you can see we invest our time wisely planning the perfect fall supper here in January. So we are only 116 days till fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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