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Nap Time

Bobby Bass


BACK IN MY own bed sounds like a good opening line for an after the first of the year story. If I was young there might be a story in that of maybe having a little to much to drink, to much partying and finding myself in someone else bed. Unfortunately none of that is true as it is really just a line explaining I am out of the hospital and back at the cabin. Actually I was only in for a day but I had a bed rest order and was not allowed to drive for a few days and also a lifting requirement imposed. There are sure a lot of things that you take for granted that weigh more then ten pounds. I was able to cruise the web sites with my tablet but it is a real pain to post when you are as long winded as I am. Today I got the lap top back and nurse Ratched aka the wife said I can use it.


I could write a long story about my hospital stay as there is sure a lot to write about but I won’t. I will mention that I was in for some testing that involved a very very long needle stuck in my back to do some core sampling. It went well as just before they stuck the first needle in they put some stuff in my IV that brought be back to the seventies for a few minutes, the rest was a blur. Thumbs up to the hospital staff, I have no complaints other then they would not let be look over the wine list at dinner. By ten thirty that night I was on the way back home with the wife driving and I think she hit every pothole and a few curbs.


The brown dog thought this laying in bed for a couple of days was something he could get used to. As every time I woke up he was right there next to me. I even got to order my meals although there was a few menu changes from the when the order was placed to what I actually got. Lucky for me the daughter brought me in a cheeseburger that was hand delivered to me by my two year old grand daughter. I heard her coming in the bedroom so I hid under the covers, big mistake as she launched herself on top of me landing on my incision. You would think I would learn as you should always expect the unexpected from little kids.


Drove into town this afternoon, first thing I had to do is adjust the seat and steering wheel and all the mirrors since the wife has been driving the Tahoe and not her Jeep, something about her Jeep not having heated seats. Didn’t really have a reason to go to town just had to get out of the bed and out of the cabin for awhile. Went to the General Store and bought a bag of ice melt, before I could pick it up Big Earl had one of his carry out boys pick it up and toss it in the back of the Tahoe. The wife had already called ahead and told him I might be stopping by. I went to adjust the bag in the back of the Tahoe and felt a little twinge in my back and that was the end of that. I nodded to Big Earl and was on my way. Took my time driving home and to my surprise I reached into the console expecting to find an empty cigar case only to find three cigars in it. I pulled off to the side of the road and lit a cigar and rolled the window down a tad to let the smoke out and the cool air in. I arrived at home and looked at the bag of salt and let it sit where it was. By the time I made the walk into the cabin I was ready for a nap. Think I am going to pay attention to the DOC and take it easy for awhile here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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