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Bobby Bass


JANUARY FIRST 2016 where did 2015 go? Last night we had the gala New Years Eve Ball at the Lodge. The membership just calls it a party but the Woman’s Auxiliary makes big things out of everything so it has to be referred to as a Ball. I spent the evening looking for Cinderella to appear but she must have missed her ride. I spent most of the evening sitting at the table by the fireplace along with all the other husbands that had colds but had to come to the Ball. We figured we were safe being by ourselves and not spreading our colds to others. Glenn mentioned that we had a pretty good chance that all of us had the same strain. We waved Dock Burriem over but he refused to come close, yelled at us he didn’t get to be old by being around sick people.


We had the good blue and red checker tablecloths out and every table had a one of them hurricane lamps with a lit candle inside. Christmas lights hung from the rafters and the fireplace had decorative burning logs a blazing. We could not just burn some maple in there we had to have fire logs that put out fancy colors, according to Doris. Our table was pretty much avoided by others, could be because of the boxes of tissues on the table and most of our drinks all had orange juice in them. Might also had to do with the yellow caution tape that Gus had strung around us. So most people kept their distance from us and just gave us waves or shouted HIYA.


I made it all the way through last winter without getting a real good hard-core cold but not this season. I am on day five so I hope I am on the way to healing. After my first screwdriver last night I spent the rest of the night just sipping on straight orange juice, If I wanted a buzz all I had to do was stand up fast. I can’t really tell you much about the gala Ball since I was confined to my seat but it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Pretty good turn out as we had a good view of the main door so we could see people coming and going. A lot of people just came in to say HIYA and then went on their way. I don’t think they left it is just there was free hay rides and we have enough ice on the lake that a few of the guys were down fishing in portables. The hay ride was pretty popular as they had a couple of wine flasks filled with blackberry wine that were passed around but someone had slipped in flask of blackberry brandy which had a more serious effect on some of the tee totters.

MonsterMoose was there with his pup Finn and he attracted a crowd, not of young ladies like you would think but of fellow duck hunters. Legalmusky was there along with Leach and Leachlake, Lee and Nytelighter. Hope and Anyfish were dancing up a storm and Dotch was over on the couch talking old cars with Elmer. Wellesy and Vermillionfox were trading walleye spots. Big Earl was there of course along with my neighbor Chuck and his wife Sam. Tess was dancing with Hammering Hank and Skinny had his arm around some tall slender woman I have never seen before. Balloon drop went off without a hitch and I was home tucked away in bed before one. This morning I found my wife sitting in the kitchen with breakfast in front of her but she was not eating. I poured myself some juice and told her she must have had to much of the blackberry brandy, she blew her nose and looked at me over the top of her glasses and said "No, I think I have your cold!" Happy New Year from here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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