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Barney,been a year

Bobby Bass


IT’S BEGINNING TO look a lot like summer, all the birds are flying about, there are bunnies in the bushes and boats are trolling about. Sounds more like a winter song but it is true. Getting some good sleeping weather as long as you have a quilt on when you leave the bedroom window open all night. Got a real good nights sleep here the other night after working on a lot of projects that day. Now last night I was not tired so I did not sleep that well but hope tonight to be back sleeping and not wide awake at dawn like I was this morning.


Duncan had me worried this morning, he was let out early and took off after a rabbit and was in hot pursuit ignoring the wife’s calls to come back. He was gone for about five minutes which is just enough time to get me worried. Normally I never let him get out of my eyesight and even though he is five I still treat him like a pup and worry about what can happen to him. I was just getting ready to give my neighbor Chuck a call to see if he was over there when he came thundering through the brushes and jumped on the deck, tongue hanging out of his mouth and panting some. The wife was telling me that I had nothing to worry about but I still gave Duncan a lecture about boundaries. Dang Dog has me wrapped around his paw.


Cabin projects continue to be worked on, slowly but there is some progress everyday. This evening Hammering Hank and Skinny brought the new fridge from the General Store to the cabin. They got it inside and placed it where the old one was and here we find out the cord is two inches short, go figure. Will have to put on a longer cord tomorrow and complain a little to Big Earl. New dishwasher is also here and the son in-law will be over this weekend sometime to install that. Wife is happy she is getting her kitchen remodel done even if it is taking longer then planed. The daughter and son in law will be over again on Sunday to do some work as some sheet rocking as that needs to be done before any painting can be done. The last of the garden should be planted as that is taking forever to do. I m pretty much just being the Forman and it takes so much time to teach and tell how I want things done rather just doing it with out thinking like I would normally be doing.


By this time of the summer garden would be in and I would have been fishing several times and lawn would be mowed tight and evenings spent sitting on the swing enjoying myself. Speaking of swing we did manage to buy a new swing for the wife and a new bench seat cushion the old swing was sagging pretty good and the bench seat had lost all of its coosh. That has been taken care of and just in time as today I was going to sit outside and enjoy the two lines of thunderstorms that were headed for the lake but somehow spit in two and went right round the cabin, we got a few showers but nothing like everyone else caught. Had to get the wife to take the hose out and water the gardens.


Grand kids will be here tomorrow and mowing grass is on there list of things to do. I did buy a smaller mower so the one grandson can push mow the hill down to the lake and my daughter bought me a battery powered weed whacker that the granddaughter can use to weed whack. She is too small to use the big gas powered one so the small one should be perfect. If I can keep them interested in mowing grass and tending to the gardens it will make things a lot easier for me as I heal. In a surprise I caught a walleye off my dock the other night, can’t remember when that has happen but then again we are usually jus throwing a sucker off the dock to tease the passing northern. Speaking of dock fishing today marks the one year passing of Barney my dock fishing dog. I spent some time sitting on the dock not fishing but just thinking back on all the time that Barney spent on the dock looking into the water of Lake Iwanttobethere and watching them sunnies hiding under the dock and in the shade. Funny how time keeps marching on here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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