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Bobby Bass


WHEN WILL WE get two nice days in a row? That is what the guys at the Lodge are betting on this week. Yesterday was decent out till out of no where a big time thunderstorm appeared. Hail, strong winds and rain fell like it had been dumped from a bucket. I was out in the yard and did not have time to make it to cover but we did have a tarp close at hand. We stood in the middle of the yard and the grand kids held onto the tarp and my head acted as the center pole of a makeshift teepee. We were at least kind of dry from the knees up, the rest of us got drenched.


The storm passed quickly but was followed with small showers but by then we had umbrellas at the ready. Most of the time was spent in the garden and we got a lot planted. Potato buckets were made and planted. Corn was planted along with the cucumbers and onions. The 3rd big raised bed was filled with dirt and beds number 1 and 2 were planted with carrots and radish. I know we are way behind time wise but the weather has not been all that great so we may catch up here in the next few weeks. Bought a new small lawnmower to mow the hill with and number two grandson was itching to try it out. Told him the grass was going to have to dry so he did not get to mow, but said he would be back.


Wife got a new swing for her birthday which is coming up and a little rain was not going to stop her from putting it together. As I write this she is kicked back swinging away. National Donut Day was celebrated here and I convinced the wife to take me down to Amy’s Bakery. She was promoting the day with buy one get five free and some people were complaining she was only offering the deal on plain cake donuts not everything in the shop. I happen to prefer the plain cake donuts so she got no complaints from me as I dug in the white bag that held a dozen tasty treats.


Cabin is quite again as the city dogs were picked up last night and with the grand kids gone Duncan and I have the place back to ourselves. Gus told me in a telephone call last night that the Bait Room has been doing brisk business. I have to get up there this week sometime and get a tackle order in. Also the grandson needs to restock the crawlers as Arlo has been doing fine in the trout fishing and his group he has been taking out has been losing more bait to the trout then catching trout. I have a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning so I will try to get over there then. I was going to borrow some tomato plants but since I did some transplanting here at the cabin and the plants have just blown up. End of the week I think I will go ahead and plant the tomatoes and see what kind of luck I get in growing them. I was going to plant my sweet potatoes in bags but I found a big big tote that I am going to fill with dirt and try out. Always like to do some experimenting when I am gardening.


I did go and buy a cement mixer, it was on my list for this spring as I have about a thousand pounds of potting soil to be remixed and additives added. The potting mix will be used to fill pots on the deck and all the five gallon pails that are used in my rain gutter gardens, The rain gutter gardens are started a little later then the big garden so they are still on schedule. With no tobacco being grown this year there will be more vegetables planted and experimented with. I also have a few concrete sidewalk sections that need to be replaced if I get around to them here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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As you said that you always like to do some experimenting in your garden. I too love gardening because it is a great form of exercise and also helps us to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and decrease depression. That's why last month I had renovated my garden area by installing the beautiful three-tier fountain, permeable driveway paving on Long Island and planted different types of flowers and vegetable seeds. After the renovation, it has offered us with a designed outdoor living area which had provided my family with a healthful atmosphere.


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