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Lake Iwanttobethere

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Hol;iday Dusk

Bobby Bass


DUSK TWILIGHT, BLUE light, sunset they all appear at the same time here on Lake Iwanttobethere. Last night I was sitting on the deck when they arrived. Grand kids and parents had all gone home, school the next day for them and work for their parents. Some smoke was drifting up from the fire pit and I was down wind. Just enough to keep the skeeters away if there were any. The wife was letting me smoke a cigar but I had to wait till the kids were gone. She was inside washing dishes and putting away fixings from the BBQ. I sat on the swing and Duncan was perched up along side of me. I was watching what he was watching and I think he was watching what I was watching.


Son in law had tended the BBQ while the oldest son cooked on the fire pit. Ribs, burgers, polish and corn on the cob. Potatoes wrapped in tin foil and slit open to hide sweet onion and butter were turned and watched in the fire pit. Hot dogs speared on sticks and smores for desert along with carrot cake. Watermelon and a fruit bowl did not last long. Some of the kids went to the dock and fished a little, some small gills stole worms and made quick getaways. I made it down to the old bench where I used to spend time watching Barney fish from the dock and it brought back memories of the old dog. With everyone gone I sat on the deck and listen to sounds coming from across the lake.


Someone was mowing which is against the law here at Lake Iwanttobethere on weekends and holidays but with dusk arriving they too stopped and it was quiet unless you were listening for things.The sound of screen doors slamming shut could be heard and somewhere across the lake a lady was laughing loud and hard. Might have had one to many cocktails but she was pass the point of caring. There was also the sounds of missing, the redwing blackbirds had gone quiet and the sound of geese were faint. Frogs were heard and in the sky I watched along with Duncan as seagulls soared toward the lake only to reach the lake and rush back inshore. You could not hear their wing beats but they were working hard to get another ride before darkness arrived.


A couple of boats trolled pass the cabin and I waved and the passengers if they were looking in my direction waved back. Long lining daredevils I am guessing they passed by as they followed the weed line. I saw one guy get up and make a big deal of reeling in a fish then I could clearly hear him talking to his partner that he sure thought it was bigger then a hammer handle on the end of his line. It was brought into the pontoon and looked over, it still was a fish caught and then it was released with a splash back into the water and the lure slipped back overboard.

Darkness fell and lights on cabins went out and cars and trucks started up. You could hear them as they drove by my place heading back towards blacktop and homes in the city. It was a holiday after all and people had to go back home and back to work in the morning. I sat on my swing and watched and listened to the lake go quiet, me and my cigar my dog and a few snap and pops form my fire here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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