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Bobby Bass


THE UNDER TWO foot granddaughters are here at the cabin while there parents are out looking at some houses. Duncan is busy watching them so they don’t get in trouble at least his version of trouble. He is right along side of them as they search through the toy box and empty the contents on the floor. Some rain falling here once again but most of it is staying to the West of us, the other day it was all streaming by on the East. Some may call us lucky I am just saying Lake Iwanttobethere is doing her best to keep us out of the mess.


Lots of projects going on here at the cabin I started this story the other day but got sidetracked. The kitchen floor in the cabin got tore up yesterday as I was going to retile it but the wife decided to go ahead and start it without me. The oldest daughter and her husband somehow got convinced to help and it took them all day to pull the old tile off and remove the subfloor which was damaged. Buff the big tom cat had a problem as the tile was first removed leaving a very sticky surface behind. He made it half way across the floor where he got his paws stuck. The wife had to go and pry his paws off the floor and make sure he was not hurt. Today he is keeping his distance from the kitchen.


Does not much matter what the weather is as if it rains out like it is suppose to tomorrow. I have inside projects to supervisor or if it is nice out there is outside stuff to do. Going to fire up the BBQ here soon as it is turning into a nice evening here. Yesterday there was some commotion at my neighbors Chuck place as Echo the wonder dog is in the dog house. Chuck had added a small pen outside for the new batch of chicks he bought and Echo decide the chicks would be better off set free. She tore open the fencing and chased the chicks out of the pen into the open. Several crows spotted the chicks and flew off with five of them before Chuck could run the birds off. Tomorrow Chuck will be heading into town to see if he can find some replacement chicks. Needless to say Chuck is not to happy with Echo the wonder dog.


Also found out that a neighbor down the road has bought a bee hive, Was wondering why I an seeing so many bees around and now I have my answer. Of course there is a ton of wasps looking to see up nests to and I try to keep the wasp spray handy to get them before they get settled in. A couple of robins slipped past and established nests but their broods have already hatched and set sail. Now if we could just get the rabbits that are hiding in the bushes and are to quick for Duncan to catch. We may have to leave the gate open so Duncan can keep them out of the garden.


May is all but done and June is up, Did get grand kids to mow but this time of the year a week later and it needs to get mowed again. Might have worked them to hard last weekend as they were not to interested in coming over this weekend till we said we were going to BBQ and no work was going to be done. Going to rain tomorrow so the wife is planing on doing some more planting tonight in the big garden but I don’t know if she will have enough time. Elmer and Vic have been fishing almost every night and they dropped off some walleye yesterday. The crappies they are keeping for themselves. Them old guys can really pack the fish away when they are hungry for them. Hope everyone had a good holiday and looking forward to seeing you here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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