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On the Edge

Bobby Bass


RIGHT ON THE edge here at Lake Iwanttobethere as the bass on the thermometer hanging on the wall of the cabin is pointing at forty-one degrees and it is snowing. There is a new base of snow a couple of inches deep for the snow to land on but the stuff on the roof is melting and water coming off the eves outside of the den is audible as it hits the deck. Granddaughter is coming over for a visit which means we will be watching wrastling and playing Yahatze and of course we will be served Pizza rolls and Lake Iwanttobethere Root Beer by the wife, she will of course shake her head at us, say nothing and walk away. I will suggest that perhaps a couple of apple pies should be made and the granddaughter will jump at the suggestion. Wife can’t turn down her granddaughter who is following Nana and loves to bake, might even be a couple of batches of cookies in there for me.


So this is not really typical weather here at the lake, it is usually some rain or a heavy snowfall but this mix is just a mess. Lots of moisture which is good as it will get the water level up over at Mystery River and they are over there trout fishing. I did not make the trip this year but Elmer and Chuck did. Didn’t catch a fish between them but they bragged about going fishing to me. My chemo therapy is going quite well and my doctor is pleased with his aggressive approach. Matter of fact he has dialed it back some and I hope it reduces the side effects which are more bothersome because I can ‘r really feel what is happening to the cancer. My biggest side effect is balance, actually the loss of it. I don’t go anywhere without a cane in my hand or something close to grab, funny how you take for granted a walk to the kitchen and now it can be an adventure every time I make it.


Also looks like the fishing countdown clock will keep ticking for me long after fishing season starts. I for sure am not going to be going out on opener and looking for a mid season start at best. I will have the dock to fish from and I am already making plans on riding the lawn tractor down the hill. Getting on it may be interesting but I have time to figure something or I can always ask the FELLOWS for help. The Puddle Humper is going to get a new addition as I have put to paper an idea to add a hand rail on the side of the console that will help get up on the front casting platform. Make it easier to have something to grab on to. Have not figured how I am going to get the trolling motor deployed without doing a header into the lake but I will figure something out. Like I say I will have till mid summer and I hope my balance will return by then.


Writing is taking me longer because I make so many typing mistakes. Another side effect is tingling in my fingers and typing can be chore sometimes. That and the fact I am somewhat home bound reduces the things I can write about. Once again taking rides with Duncan is something I miss and I am sure he does also. Been almost 2 months since I have driven alone and I don’t think Duncan has gone anywhere riding shotgun with the wife. He looks forward to seeing the city dogs when they come for a visit, gives him something to do. He does not even chase the robins in the yard that have appeared in the last week. Maybe because he has finally learned they can fly and he can’t or he is just welcoming some wild life in the yard that he can watch.

Honey do list has been modified somewhat, if there is something that needs to be done and it is between my shoulders and my knees I can do it, nothing on the floor or over my head, the balance thing. Sitting is not a problem and the wife added to the list I should clean my desk top but my reply was "How will I find anything then" I do manage to tend to the seedling I have growing in the big window as that is in reach but I have not been in the green house as of yet, Maybe I will have the granddaughter take the video camera out there and make me a movie, got to love the video camera, it is my eyes and ears here now at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 37 <><


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