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CC Hurl

Hot Does ??

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I know the Bucks are chasing now but my question is has anyone seen them giving it up yet? Don't mean to sound vulger just dont know how else to polightly put it.

Going to get back out on saturday and just would like some feed back as to the stage of the rut we are now dealing with.

I am hunting just north of Redwing for the remainder of the season.

I have not been out since last Thursday and things were moving good then.

Thanks in advance.


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I got a doe tonight...Twins were still with her.

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Yes, they are. I live in a wooded setting and stepped out my back door about 4:30 today and had a doe come charging down the hill right into my yard. a few seconds later here comes this nasty little forkie. Well she stood for him and they had fun about 7 or 8 times. I have never in my life actually seen "the act." Interesting and funny at the same time. You could tell he was young, lol! She only has 3 legs and had two fawns with her when I saw her last 4 or 5 days ago but the fawns were gone today, so they really do kick them out.

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I think the "heat" usually picks up towards the second season of deer hunting. About 10 years ago I was driving around the first weekend (we hunt 2nd weekend) scouting out deer when I came to the bottom of a hill and saw a nice 8-point mounting a doe just 75 yards from the road is a plowed cornfield! Exhebitionists! wink.gif I watched for a couple minutes, then continued driving up and over the hill of the road I was on, only to see a group of 6 deer hunters standing there eating their lunch on the side of the road. I just laughed inside. smile.gif

Nearly every year when we hunt second season we'll see some smaller bucks bangin' heads, or bucks with their noses to the ground completely oblivious to what's around them.

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    • rundrave
      I know its not attached to you. But the issue is with it being attached to the dog and if its running full speed and it gets caught on something. The injuries can occur when its a sudden stop and the collar around the neck is pulled hard from the weight of the dog.   Sounds like to you need to get back to the basics with the check cord and get back to sit, stay and come. You can work her with the check cord in a hallway at home with the doors closed, then move to a larger  grassy area etc. Keep the sessions short and praise, praise and praise some more when she comes back when called.   You never want to give a command you cant enforce and that's where the check cord comes in handy. We have all been there before. But if your not confident with her in the water next to a road you need to go back and revisit those commands and how to enforce them until she is ready. its just not worth risking injury.   You have to make the retrieving fun and if she doesn't bring it back your done for that session, and then she doesn't get to retrieve. Let her see you put the dummy away and then start another session at a later time. Praise, praise and praise when she does it correctly.   Dogs will pick up on your body language frustrations etc.  Just takes lots of reps and keep them short and be positive and she will get there.
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I actually don't have that long leash attatched to me. Its 100' I believe and the only reason I leave it on her is because Round Lake is right by a busy road so if she wants to bolt after a rabbit or something I can quickly grab that leash. Also sometimes she'll grab the dummy and want to swim around with it so I give a few tugs to let her know her job is to bring it to me, not swim in circles. It's just a safety measure because she isn't quite ready for fully off leash training just yet. I almost never actually need to grab it.    Thanks for the advice though, the last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt a dog, especially mine. I never throw the dummy past where it's safe to walk so if she did get it wrapped in cattails or something and got stuck I'd quickly get her. 
    • Buzzbait Brad Ohio
      Thanks for having me Minnesota. I wasn't able to float the Ottertail river but I did fish the lake every morning. Most fish the first 3 days came on top water whopper plopper. The last day, the water temperature heated up to almost 80 so I changed it up a little bit and fished deep water 10-20 feet and caught fish deep. Here's some of the better fish from this week. The fishing up here is great. Can't wait to make it back. 
    • ZachD
      Nice job I will be out on Sat in the boat
    • hitthebricks
      Sounds like my problem, Thanks  
    • JBMasterAngler
      Small minnow raps, #2 mepps spinners, small spoons. Don't need anything else.
    • curt quesnell
      What a great day jigging out in the mud. Little or no wind all day and it was pretty warm but fish were active, biting and large. A big change came yesterday on my close by spots that threw me for a loop but the fish a few miles away seem unphased. I will say it again a great day!
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks for the advice Dave  I dont let Finn fetch on check cord any more. I only used it when he was a pup
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      There are public beaches at both Hoodoo Point in Tower and McKinley Park in Soudan. Cliff
    • leech~~
      In the summer they seem to be about 20' feet down over 50'-80' feet of water. We trolled small raps with what ever would get it down there. I also had down riggers to use.  You could try some deep hook and slip bobbers with a worm in some of the deeper bays to see if they will take it?  Good luck.