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flys for sunfish and crappies

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Will be fishing near Grand Rapids for the first time on a fly rod for panfish. Please give me you flys and sizes for these critters. I have never done this before. Thanks for your replies fellas

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For flies, take your pic, I've had luck on a lot of different stuff. I love fishing pannies with poppers during the spawn. Wooly worms are great pannie getters too. I'd invest in a few clouser's as well if you can find 'em. They sink nice and can get down to some of those bigger 'gills.

Three good ones...


Wooly Worm


It all depends on when you'll get out the most and where the fish'll be at that time. Flies are spendy, so you may want to target a specific time of year you'll fish the most and target the flies that'll work best for that time of year. Ex. Spawn, Post-Spawn, Mid-Summer, etc...

During the spawn I almost always throw poppers or dry flies like an adam's .

Post spawn is where I start using clouser minnows and slower falling wet flies like a mosquito .

Mid-Summer and into Fall you're going to want something that'll fall a little quicker like a beaded nymph. I've had good luck on lightning bugs and orange beaded hare's ear nymphs .

Pick up a couple of each of those and you're good to go for all seasons! Welcome to the addicting world...

These are all Taken from Matt Breuer's post on the other thread for "just getting into fly fishing."

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See the looong conversation going on with "Poutpro: Getting into fly fishing". He is a gentlemen getting started with fly fishing on panfish. Lots of good advice there.

the previous post has good recommendations, and

Also according to the book

Wilson, Terry and Roxanne (1999) fishing and flys.

spider type with rubber legs 10 or smaller black white, green, yellow, brown, etc.

common dry flys 10 to 16 Adams, black gnat, renegade, etc.

wooley worms 6 or smaller, black, white, green, yellow

common nymphs 10 or smaller, hares ear, prince, scuds


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A Fly Angler

Foam body poppers or beetle type stuff with rubber legs. I tie a pattern that's black and yellow foam based on a pattern called It's-A-Bug. I like to attach a nymph behind my dry and double my potential. Adams are good choices with high visibility and high floatation. Caddis are also a good choice since most lakes have quite an abundance of them, usually nice and big flies for the most part.

I have also put the polaroids on and hit the shallows where they were on the spawn and dumped nymphs in the vicinity of their beds. I'm not much for keeping fish, but to see their mood and reaction to a variety of patterns is interesting.

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There are a lot of different flies\techniques for panfish. I do real well on a fly called crappie candy. You can get the pattern (and a ton more) at faol dot com.

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    • LoonASea
      A fishing buddy is moving to Olympia Wa and selling his great lakes gear ,,, May pick up some more great lakes gear from him Picked up a used lund rebel a month ago that is only partially rigged to my specs ,,,, Need to load my walleye and musky gear in that boat (nothing to buy ,,just move),,, Watching the weekend fishing shows there is some tackle thats peaked some interest but at this point is a want and not a need 
    • Mnfisher
      Please.....a report if you go out!   
    • Josh.P 86
      I haven't fished up there for a couple of years but the first time i fished it was about fifteen years ago and we were on moccasin. We did pretty well caught lots of sunfish but size was nothing special. Crappies were decent with a couple large ones. Since then i have gone back maybe three times and caught more large mouth bass than anything.
    • Josh.P 86
      Anything i can without my wife noticing! lol
    • PRO-V
      Makes sense. I live in northern Minnesota so most of our lakes don't seem to require much stocking other than old mine pits. I'm not familiar with the southern half.
    • OhioVike
      I picked up new rain gear last year.  I took a layering approach and went with Gill. I love the stuff and can more comfortably wear it in warmer climates.   jacket - bibs - bib& insul bib -        
    • h8go4s
      Like stocking walleyes into every mudhole in the state? Yes, I'm exaggerating, but if walleye stocking were ended, lots of lakes would eventually be walleye-free. Stocking fish in Minnesota (walleyes, trout and muskie for the most part) is done to boost tourism and all the various industries associated with tourism. That includes resorts, bait shops, restaurants, boat manufacturers and retailers, tackle manufacturer and retailers, clothing manufacturers and retailers, guides, advertising, publishers, websites and probably others I haven't thought of. It's a big part of the economy, and the popularity of muskie fishing is booming. The state should promote and support muskie fishing just like walleye fishing for the same reasons. No, I'm not a muskie fisherman. I own a few muskie baits and occasionally fling them around, but not seriously. I'm too old and my shoulders are too lame to do that very long. I've caught maybe 6 muskies in the last 15 years, and most of them were caught bass fishing.
    • Wanderer
      I need to pick up 1 or 2 Muskie combos by June but haven’t fully decided what I want. Other than that, I’m taking it easy. My checking account is still feeling the effects Black Friday 2017. 
    • muskie-mike
      A bag of 50 1/16oz jig heads,that's it so  
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks to those who came