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curt quesnell

Hats off to the ice road builders!

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We showed up at Zipple last Friday morning 6:45 and the ice

road crew (Nick included) was just coming back in from

repairing cracks and getting ready for the day. There was

a guy or two at at least one bridge to guide the trucks

across......all day and into the dark of night! The same

goes on at Adrians Road. Morris Point and at Long Point

and Rocky Point where the ice can really be trouble.

These people work extreeeeemly hard all winter so we can

have fun. Ice road access at 8 bucks is the best money

I ever spent. Thank the crews as you drive safely by.

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They sure do a great job up there Curt. One thing though that really puts my shorts in a bunch are the people who think that blowing by you at 40 mph is the way to drive on these roads. Man they must think that the beer is being rationed at the lodges. If they could only see the affect of that type driving under the ice and the potential for a blowout they might sit back relax and take a chill pill. Bill

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I must echo both Curt's and Bills remarks. I was up on Adrians road on Friday and the amount of work those folks do is outstanding. When we were leaving the ice we had a group of about 12 vehicles leaving the ice and some one decided we were going to slow.

I can't say enough about the folks who make it easier for us "southerners" who venture up that way and have a wonderful weekend.


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    • eyeguy 54
      this one had some nice red color in its tail. 
    • BringAnExtension
      What a novel concept!  Talking fishing on a fishing forum to increase interest and activity.  You may be right, it could work!  
    • leech~~
      So let me see if I understand this? You guys on the last page or so are going to "Lets Save This Forum" by high jacking the thread and talking fishing now!     Dam that could just work? Carry-on!   Good Luck.
    • jriegel
      Thanks guys for the tips looks like 3-4inch stick bright stick baits and bright spoons seem to be the go to.  Anybody ever vertical fish them or live bait? Hope the weather is.good next friday, i have always wanted to get out there and try it.  Bonus is the wife would be happy with some fresh salmon.
    • ducksnbucks
      I have been looking at the gages this morning and the L.F. still appears to be either frozen or have an ice jam at the most downstream gage in Little Fork. The discharge is not working but the water level has risen 3' since Sunday. The next upstream gage however is flowing good and has risen from 1,200cfs to 5,000+cfs since Sunday and has risen 8' in the same period. The Big Fork doesn't have cfs data so I am thinking its frozen but the height has risen 2.5' since Sunday. I would think with that flow and the warm weather it's only a matter of days until they both go.   Other trips like the Black River and Rapid River are all on the rise both cfs and height.   Also, I took a look at the Rainy at Manitou Rapids and it has risen about 2' and has gone from 14,000 cfs to 17,500 cfs since Sunday.