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Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

Bobby Bass

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You okay Bobby

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updating this thread..


  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Bobby Bass's Blog. Enjoy.

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I went to his blog website and found a number of posts that aren't here.   lakeiwanttobethere.webs.com

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I want to copy a link to the HSO side.

With a heavy heart, to inform those that have followed Bobby Bass, that he has passed away.😥


May he rest in peace, and god bless.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Bobby Bass gave gave and then gave some more. I will miss him.


God bless.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mike89
      2nd on the air holes too..
    • gimruis
      When the resource gets depleted and there aren't anything left but stunted panfish in our lakes, the anglers responsible for this will start barking at the DNR, claiming that they didn't do enough or barking that the muskie or catfish ate all of them.  When in reality, the only people to blame are standing in the mirror.  Just a matter of time...
    • ozzie
      I have kids.  I take them fishing and taught them that the point is to enjoy your surrounding and the time had rather than the meal that could be.  I rarely, maybe once every couple years do I keep a meal of sunnies, and as for crappies I will keep a meal occasionally, but when I do I do not keep anything over 12.5" and try to stay between 10-12.5"  all over and under go back to keep growing.  I certainly am glad they are regulating panfish more but I wish they would have placed a slot on bigger sunfish and crappies...something like 1 over 9" on sunfish and 1 over 13" for crappies.  Just a thought.
    • Hookmaster
      From Vados Bait's website for waxworms:   Check and remove any dead every other day at a minimum. We recommend storing your waxies at about 43-49 degrees. When fishing try to keep them about the same temp and out of the direct sun light.   For Eurolarva/spikes/maggots: Very easy to keep. Refrigerate at about 33-35 degrees. In general this might be a little cooler than most people keep their home refrigerator so you may want to use another refrigerator that you can dial down a little colder. Check the bait every two to three days, pick out and throw away any dead.
    • rschmidty
      Royal Dutchman just went live on FB like 15 minutes ago at what appears to be the Pelland or maybe it was Coot's? They were 9 miles west of IF's. Open water extends west. Not sure how far though. Looks like small boats could be pushed out.  
    • Wanderer
      Don’t let them freeze.  Easier said than done.
    • Wanderer
      Now remember, you said I could give you a hard time! 😉   So much of the pressure these days is recreational, not subsistence.  I’m gonna assume most consider their catch a bonus or treat rather than a need these days.  Most spend more money to catch their own than it would cost to buy it.  Again, most...   Done keeping at 5 doesn’t mean they have to be done catching. 🙂
    • eyeguy 54
      The group released about 150 so far 😁🐟🐟
    • ozzie
      well i finally pulled the trigger and found a strikemaster lite flight 8" and will paired it with a milwaukee fuel m18 2804.  the set up came with 2 5amp batteries so hope that gets me what i need!  going to get out tomorrow and rip this around the lake and hopefully make swiss cheese of it!
    • Fishing DA Range and nort
      so much for feeding the family, you all seem to be in the boat of just keep a few.   Well i got 6 kids who gotta eat to.   So if I'm by myself, you can bet its in the pail if I can legally keep.   Give me a hard time if you want i dont care i follow the laws/rules/slots.   After talking to a DNR fishery personnel, a 28" walleye most likely not even spawning anymore, but the 22-26 inch ones are supporting the fishery, so releasing the giants only helps 1 fish.   Much less if i have kids with, try telling a 5 or 7 year old you have to throw that back, specially sunnies.   5 sunfish is ridiculous, let the kids go on the dock of some lakes and then tell them 10 minutes later, you are done because you got 5, time to play xbox.   No wonder less people are fishing, i used to go mil lacs once a year, but cant even justify the cost of fuel if you cant keep a fish.   But keep increasing the license cost, more regulations its confusing and makes me wonder if its worth it.     
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