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Who needs Love

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2004: Don't worry, the Wolves will be even better next year

2005: Don't worry, we'll put some pieces around KG

2006: Trust us, we'll put some pieces around KG

2007: Okay, we'll trade KG and rebuild. Just hold on.

2008: Future's bright, we have young players

2009: Kaaahhhhnnnn! (the draft that should have set us up for years)

2010: Love's an all star, we'll build around him. Just wait.

2011: Rubio and Love, the future is bright!!!

2012: We're adding pieces (on one year contracts)!

2013: Flip's back, we'll make it right and build around Love

2014: We added some pieces, we'll be in the playoffs this year!

2015: Levine, Wiggins, Bennett, Young, Rubio....Just wait!

Point is we're all getting sick of waiting. I hope they finally build something. They probably did as well as anyone has with trading a disgruntled star. I'm on the fence about Love - sounds like quite a prima donna, but he's a heck of an unorthodox piece with a huge basketball IQ and did good work in the community. I will be watching a lot of Cavs games just because you could see some really special things.

More of a shoulder shrug for me...I'll keep fishing and if I happen to catch a game, great.

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Just got back from vacation and saw the final deal. This is probably the best return any team has gotten for a disgruntled star that vowed to opt out or not resign.

Only time will tell if the wolves end up winning in this deal but its a nice haul for the wolves. Glad to see we got to keep Bennett and still get Young in the deal. Hopefully between Bennett and Wiggins at least one of them lives up to their potential.

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The Timberwolves are reportedly ready to offer Eric Bledsoe the four-year, $63 million max-level contract he's been seeking.

The Wolves currently do not have the cap space to make this offer upfront, so it would need to involve a sign-and-trade. However, the Suns reportedly are not interested in Ricky Rubio, so it's unclear exactly who would be involved in this deal. Bledsoe has been great while on the court, and averaged 17.7 points, and 5.5 assists last season with the Suns, however, he also only made it through 43 games. It's difficult to give any real analysis without knowing how the parts would be moved in this deal, but we'll be monitoring the situation closely. Stay tuned.

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Bledsoe is going to resign with the Suns, they just upped their deal and Bledsoe's agent said its all but done. Commend the Wolves for trying though.

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To be honest, the a Wolves aren't in a position to have a Bledsoe caliber player. It made no sense, other then Internet rumors to either have the Suns pony up, or Rubio to think about signing.

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In fact, I wouldn't be a posed to the Wolves selling Rubio off to the highest bidder, and get a load of draft picks. While Rubio has some talent, his lack of scoring hurts the team.

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I agree Scott but if they did trade rubio they need to find a decent point guard to distribute the ball because Mo Williams and JJ Barea won't cut it as main PG

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