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2010 Ruff Grouse hunting reports-how did you do?

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See my separate thread post about Sunday. Wet conditions were just great for scenting birds.

I have been grouse hunting 4 days in the past 9 days. I would say the birds are in full dispersal mode right now.

Fresh birds compared to earlier in October. More birds flushing up and sitting in trees. More birds on trails. Birds holding better for dogs' points. Still the wild birds around, but they are intermixed with birds that probably have not seen much hunting pressure.

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There still seems to be no shortage of birds, My dad and I waked for about 2 hours friday night on the way up to shut down the cabin and saw quite a few. A few real dumb ones too. I also saw 4 or 5 while I was walking around putting up tresspassing signs for deer season. One of them sat there looking at me so long I almost threw my hammer at it.

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Any birds left in the Chip? grin I'm probably going to see if I can't find a virgin trail or two somewhere north of 2 and west of Deer River on Friday.

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Hunted Chip over the weekend. Didn't move many grouse SAT am which was disappointing given the great conditions. Did move 6 or 7 woodcock which was nice. Bagged one of them. Moved a few grouse SAT evening and bagged two grpuse between two of us. Moved a good number of birds SUN am. Could have had a few more with better shooting but that's always the case. Still lots of birds out here.

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Do deer hunters get upset about people hunting birds in the woods the day before opener? I've heard it moves around deer that they may have had an eye on.

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I see things a couple ways here. If you are hunting public land, it shouldn't really matter. However, I don't think I or anyone else is ever going to change the mindset of some whom think that public land has become theirs because they have hunted there "for years". For me, I am not interested in drama in the woods. Personally, I don't even hunt grouse on the weekend before deer season. Lot's of urbanites warriors checking stands, driving machines, etc.. I will hunt twice this week, both before Thursday afternoon, and be back a couple days after season after things settle down a little bit.

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As soon as my deer is hanging I am out looking for a spot to grouse hunt and not bother any deer hunters. Contrary to popular belief, that sea of orange is gone in just a few days.

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Matt Breuer

It goes both ways... Maybe I've had my eyes on a nice burnt orange ruffed grouse, who only comes out to the clover 20 mins. after sun-up. He walks out from under this old stand that people illegally built on State land. Well the day I planned to shoot him there was a guy sitting in the stand at that time. Wrecked my hunt.... grin

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Well, instead of voting I decided to take the shotgun out and walk some trails for the second time this year. Saw good numbers and managed to drop two.

Great day to be out

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Man...no reports in a long time. Deer hunting taking priority? I'm itching to get after some ruffs at least once more. Just need to find time...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • FishinCT
      Fished Saturday through Monday on the east end. As Brian said it was brutal weather. Wind wasn’t so bad but the wet snow Saturday and below freezing temps Sunday and Monday made things difficult. Didn’t do well until Monday when we put together a 30+ fish day. Caught more than a limit worth of 14-17” fish. Kept just a couple for a meal. Lots of them in that 10-13 range which bodes well for next year.     Nothing special on the tactics. Caught most of them in one spot. Fish were scattered all over a big mud flat in between islands at 30-35 feet. Jig and lindy caught about the same number of fish. Jig caught a few more of the keeper size fish.    Fish were coughing up what looked like mayfly larvae. Is that common this time of year? Maybe it was something else?
    • MnCowboy
      You mention that if an archery hunter and firearms hunter are together they are considered 2 parties. Is that the same with crossbows, which use an archery tag. Would it be considered 2 parties (and obviously could not help fill each others tags)
    • chucker1101
      Only if you're crazy
    • Darrell Larson
      Skunked Again, heavy wet snow last night been shoveling it I'd say 3"+, what ice was there yesterday is now gone in front of my house anyways, more like a big slushy, 30' beyond is open water again. I have 44 degrees on the deck right now, you should be safe making a trip this weekend. If I'm wrong PM me I send you my address and you can come punch me in the nose.
    • mulefarm
    • DonBo
      Buddy and I were fishing just below Whalan last summer and he caught two keeper sized walleye on a Rappala.  We were pretty surprised.
    • SkunkedAgain
      It's not a very deep lake, so it is all relative. Most of the lake is 30-40ft deep so it is a relatively easy lake to fish from that standpoint. They aren't sliding any deeper than on a bright sunny day in July. There is also not much of a fall turnover to worry about.
    • ozzie
      Great to hear from you Dtro!  It is sad that the participation in forums like this is going by the wayside and it seems we are losing valued members constantly which is sad, but also the way of the world.  Great to hear you are succeeding in your latest adventure, but that does not surprise me, as following you for the past 15 years, I wouldn't expect anything less from you!  I enjoyed the news clip and the excitement on the young girls face as she reeled in her first sturgeon!  Keep doing what your doing and don't be a stranger!!   Take care and stay safe!  Ozzie 
    • smurfy
      came back to civilization this past sunday. was nice tuesday when i got there and got alot of cabin stuff done. wed it rained all day but managed to do inside stuff that needed doing. thursday i finished up yard stuff and did a little hunting. friday finally got 2 grouse 😊 them gonna be good!!!!!!!! sat the kid and i fixed up deer stands but holy moly rockey with that snow was it wet in the woods. finished winterizing the cabin.   for me the weather wasnt cooperative to fish, so......... until there is ice the fish are safe from me!!!!!😜 the deer need to worry though!!!! sure would be nice if this snow melted, the ground needs to freeze up some.
    • Hawkem9
      Better fishing out weighs crappy weather for me.  We are leaning the October dates, seems a fair amount of the resorts on the E side close first week of October however.  I would imagine fish slide deeper on Vermillion as the water cools?
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