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To succeed in life, you need three things.



To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny boneReba McEntire

2003-miss-gathering1.thumb.jpg.f38ab6bfeOur wish is to work out the tough bugs in your new Fishing Minnesota forum, there will always be some bugs and we want to have the ones that make it tough to sign-in worked out. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page if you cannot sign-in. We will help you. Some of that issue was operator error...mine.

We are committed to moving ahead with the new forum because of the possibilities it offers users here, even with a few folks having a difficulty signing-in with the new forum software. There is no perpetual engine in the world. However, there are lots of eternal brakes.

We are pleased that a vast majority have no issues and like the new forums and the potential it represents. More good things are coming and they will come in measured steps. We went with the new forums because of the ability to enhance your experience in steps if you want to do more than just read the forums. Check this forum out on mobile, really check it out thoroughly....it's pretty slick.

You may 'want to do do more than look, if 'you can, show us the sharing person you are. Perhaps you share outdoor pursuits and passions. We want to see you doing what you love most. You will be richer in the end than a prince, if you are a friend. A friend we will always love is in the pic on the left. A kind and generous friend.

I will end this with a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson:
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seed that you plant"

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eyeguy 54


parrot with broken beak will succeed in life :)

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Oh yeah, that too. :D

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When I saw the title to this thread I first thought it was going to be a repost of philosophical post from a couple years back in HSO. Some of you might remember the post. I think it actually had the same title.

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I wouldn't know. Never been to that site :)

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