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Deer Crossing Signs



The other day on my way home from work, I noticed that a new deer crossing sign had been put up along a road.  This was at a location that I had passed for 15+ on my way to and from work, and I can't recall ever seeing a deer there.  I started wondering how the county, MN DOT, or MN DNR decides to put up a new deer crossing warning.  As it turns out, I decided that this particular sign had been put up by a private party because on my way to work the next morning, I noticed that the crossing was marked with a sign on the left side, which is not something that a government entity would have done.

Anyway, my curiosity still led me to do a little research.  It turns out that the MN DOT no longer puts up new signs because they are not effective (deer can't read anyways).  They are experimenting with signs that include motion detectors and lights. 


MnDOT’s position
Since 2005, MnDOT ‘s policy has been not to install new deer crossing warning signs and to remove
existing signs that have reached the end of their useful life.. MnDOT is researching other methods that
may result in fewer deer-vehicle crashes. In 2001, MnDOT installed a deer detection warning system on
Highway 23 in Marshall. The system uses the standard deer crossing warning sign in conjunction with
beacon that flashes when deer movement is detected. The system was upgraded in 2007 and shows a 33-
57 percent reduction in deer-vehicle crashes. More information on the sign can be found here:



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