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Bobby Bass


WHY DO WIFE'S have to change the location of furniture in the house come spring? Last night I went to go to bed and as usual I did not turn on the bedroom light. I put my hand up against the wall, took one step backwards and sat down on where the bed has been for twenty years, it was not there last night. I missed the bed by maybe six inches but planted myself firmly into the floor on my behind. Being very fall concern I fell as good as I could have hoped for. This of course brought up a heated conversation of just what a difference six inches can make.


Spring might actually show up here in the next few days as both Stormy Clearweather and Sunshine Ray are calling for sunshine and increased temperatures. I was outside for awhile yesterday as it looked good outside till you got out there and that north wind quickly changed your mind. The son in law was over and he unloaded that pallet of dirt bags that I bought and then restacked the frozen bags back on the pallet closer to the garden. Speaking of the son in law we should be seeing lot more of him this summer as the Mystery River bridge receiving funding for an up grade and the son in law is a steel worker. Looks like he will be working on the bridge till mid fall and is already talking about he and his crew will be having their own fishing contest during their lunch hours.


Duncan and I went outside and sat in the sunshine and counted bags as he unloaded the trailer and offered encouragement. Was the least I can do since I could not help and Duncan was more interested in laying on his back with his paws pointed skyward rolling in something that did not really smell all that good. Have not been writing much as I really have not had much to say. Been thinking a lot but sometimes thoughts just don’t travel well to the keyboard. On a long stretch of chemo here and side effects are catching up on me which means I have to make more adjustments. Getting old I’ll tell you and it is hard to keep up a good front and not get upset with those around me. Not there fault just the drugs talking. Good thing Duncan is usually close at hand as he seems he can never do no wrong so he does not give me a reason to yell at him. That and the fact that most of the time he is close at hand so I can reach down and tug an ear or pat his side.


Fishing countdown continues for you guys, under a month now. I am maybe looking at sometime in June but that is doubtful. Seems when I have a problem my answer is "I need to go fishing" don’t think I ever really had a bad day of fishing and time spent on the water is never wasted. Perhaps with this warmer weather arriving I will spend some time out on the deck and the sunshine and a warm breeze will give me a little better attitude. Heading to the Mayo end of the month so that is going to be a road trip. The lake for the month of May might be a little quiet as I don’t as of yet know if I have to stay down there. Hoping not I would rather be here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere

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