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Catch and release technique?

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SO I caught the thread on the walleye kill on Mille Lacs possibly from inadequate CPR techniques. Since I was just up there and caught (and released) many fish it worried me that I may not be doing it right and my good intentions were useless. I have looked at several websites with instructions but still have a couple questions specifically with walleye.

1. How should I hold them? Generally I put a finger under the very lower part of the gill plate and support the tail at about the caudal area. I do let go of the tail for the few seconds the pic is being taken then place the fish back in the water. I have never had a walleye that doesn't swim off right away.

2. If the gill plate is not a good place to hold them, what is? Anybody got as pic of the right way?

The whole point of the regs is to maintain the population. I just want to do it right.

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    • Whiskerbent
      Best thing you can do if you won't be around is to put the house on fresh ice, don't drill any holes, and put it on blocks.  When people get into trouble is if it gets windy and they have open holes under the house, that rain starts blowing around on top of the ice, and starts swirling down into the holes under the house....that swirling water EATS ice, and can sink a house pretty quick.     As as far as the ice on the lakes, if you have 14-15 inches of good ice like most places around, you'll have no worries if you do what is posted above.
    • Rick G
      Look at this piggy... had a hard time getting it up the hole
    • Rick G
      Ugly man, pretty fish :-)
    • Bryan P
      Rented a sleeper out on Garrison Bay Sunday night with some friends. Fishing was slow but we managed a few walleyes. Best went 23" on the rattle reel. Was a lot of fun though, wish the bite could have been better. How is everyone else doing out there? Any good bites or has it pretty much slowed down for everyone.     Here is a video of the trip:   
    • Jim Uran
      I remember someone way back in the HSO/Fishingminnesota days caught this super huge walleye at night out on Cass. Some fish or tales of fish just stick with you, that was one of them. I've been thinking on which body of water I can hit around here after work for night bite. Cass crossed my mind today so I might give that a whirl sometime this week while we have this killer warm spell.  Keep in touch on here man, maybe we can dial them in.