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I went up for one of my trips to Fish Lake this weekend. Spent Friday and saturday night camping in the rain and all day Saturday on the water.

It was a strange day on the water, alot of weather changes, wind changes, time with no wind at all, alot of fish but quality fish were hard to come by but we did find some.

After 11 hours on the water on Saturday we probably boated 50-60 fish of all sorts (walleye, perch, pike, rock bass, sucker). One nice walleye (18-19")came early during the rain from 3 feet of water on a jointed rapala in a firetiger pattern. Pike came from shallow bays and weedlines on a variety of baits, they weren't picky.

Once the sun came out the wind died and so did the fishing, we did manage to hook up with one nice pike on a buck tail but it came unhook near the boat. We also had a nice 3-4 pound walleye take a hit at that same buck tail in 2 feet of water along a bed of reeds. The thing acted more like a bass then a walleye. Maybe it was that Wallass that the DNR was considering putting on license plates.

It took the rest of the day to figure out what the new pattern was for the walleye. They had moved from very shallower points (2-4 fow) back out into more traditional spots once the cloud cover came back. Ended up getting a few more smaller eyes (14"-16")around 8:30-9:00. We ended up keeping 3 fish so we could have a fish fry back at camp the rest were released. The last walleyes of the day came on a 1/4oz jig and a fat head minnow fished very slow, the fish would barely hit the bait, you would cast out and be bouncing it along back to the boat and you would feel very little extra weight and you would have a fish on, none of the little taping you get used to, real finicky for sure.

Well thats our day in a nut shell.

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Surface Tension

Thanks for the report Aaron.

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We fished FLR last night 06/05/07. One 18 incher and some cigars. Saw a couple of other guys doing about the same. Leeches and Minnows were both working. We were in 14-16 ft water. Also caught a bunch of big fat rock bass and a few perch.

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    • PRO-V
      We've used it on a 19' ProV side by side with our friends Ranger. It holds the Ranger way better since it is a bit heavier, sits lower in the water catching less wind. Same model motors.
    • leech~~
      Cliff, where did you get that and what was the cost? That would come in pretty handy for hunting spots and talking with land owners.
    • Borch
      I love a box call for windy days but like Chris said rack call h as it's place.  Even changing strikers can make a difference.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I bought the Garmin hunt/view map for my hand held GPS. It shows the property lines and property owners. It seems to be fairly accurate in the areas that I have used it on. You will have to check to see what area you will need to get it for. Personally, I paid the $700 to have one of my property corner pins surveyed. You then have a legitimate and legal starting point to start from.  Cliff
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Del, From what I understand the hook is the upgrade from the Elite series. (which I also have and like). The Triple Shot has side scan added though. Not sure how useful that will be on Vermilion but some of the guides say they like it. Cliff
    • pikeandchester
      Bought it from the county at auction. tax forfeited. The reference markers are what I'm trying to figure out.  The GIS map gives clear property boundaries of the whole development which is little more than gravel roads and woods. To be clear I figured this would be an issue when I purchased it but for the price I paid for the property even if I have to pay for the survey it will be worth it. Just trying to save a buck 
    • delcecchi
      Normally the surveyors put in metal stakes so borrowing or renting a metal detector might work.    If you have any neighboring property owners they might have information about the location of markers on the corners.  Or you can measure from their markers to find where yours are supposed to be.    The abstract of title gives a legal description that might be helpful depending on where the markers for reference are.   But my question is, you bought this without any clear survey or definition of where the property boundaries actually are?   Isn't that sort of taking a chance?   What does the guy who sold it to you have to say about where the corners are?   
    • pikeandchester
      Bought a small piece of land (60'x135') on the west side of Mille Lacs , Mille Lacs county Katio township, last fall. Just want to punch in a driveway and use it for a campsite on the weekends. County GIS mapping shows great footage marking for both individual properties as well as corner to corner streets but I have no idea how to find the points where the footage starts.  I highly doubt the property has pins at the corners, it is not developed in any way . I called the county land services and they told me the area was surveyed back in the 1960s so they can't help. Got estimates to have it surveyed between $700 to $1700, may have to go that route but would rather buy a new fish finder!  have been reading on line but not sure i'm getting anywhere. Anybody think I would find pins with a metal detector? or any suggested reading about surveying ? On a side note, sure am looking forward to fishing a new area this summer!   
    • monstermoose78
      Ok thanks
    • YouthFishingGuide
      Please let me know if you can donate some gear for a "Get kids into fishing" event. I would like to get as much gear including rods, reels, line, bobbers, hooks, tackle boxes etc. Looking for old and new. I am going to hold an event this spring at a twin cities lake and distribute this to the kids. You can see my contact info at  Thank you!!!