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Successful Circle Lake Opener

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10 'Eyes

5 Snot Rockets

1 Bullhead

13.5 hours of fishing - from 5am to 6:30pm

maybe a sprinkle of rain for 30mins or so...

a pleasant visit from the DNR

my wife caught the biggest 'Eye (17 incher)

my daughter caught the biggest fish (23" Pike)

only lost one spinner on the bottom

got to see an airplane perform acrobatic stunts above our heads

motor only got caught up in the weeds once

only had two 'Eyes at the boat...and got off, ughh - but only two. could have been a lot worse!

my daughter kissed her first fish

i caught the majority of the 'Eyes, he he!

what a great day!!!


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I, too, had good fortune yesterday. I caught my first (3) Pikes - (1) 36" and (2) 24", about a dozen Smallies, (2) dozen Sunnies, 5 lb Largemouth and a few Bullheads. I'm a recent newcomer to Minnesota so I was especially pleased. The lake was about 10 minutes from my house and I didn't start fishing until close to noon.

I cannot get over how great the fishing is here in Minnesota. I am in heaven.

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good deal...sounds like you had a good opener as well.

a 36" weed shark - wow, nice fish!

just a friendly reminder...bass season is not open until May 26th. i'd be careful who you tell about the smallies! it's one thing to catch them on accident, another to be fishing for them this time of year.

welcome to FM. this is a great website!


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Thanks GE,

I'm aware of the season and I really only went to try to catch Pikes. I used the same lure all day with a steel leader, and I was amazed that even the Sunnies were hitting it although it did weed out the smaller ones (BONUS)

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  • Posts

    • Sherman
    • 1eyeReD
      Thanks LucasMN!! I will throw you a personal fishin report when I'm done.
    • Luke jones
      Hi everyone I am new to this chat. I was wondering what stage you think the panfish are in right now anything helps. Thanks Luke
    • LucasMN
      There is spots in the parking lot for roughly 7 vehicles with trailers. When that's full, you can park on the side of the road leading up to the access (I don't know if it's legal but have never seen tickets given out nor have I received one). The access is fairly steep but  in good shape. A 16ft will go up/down and launch no problem. 20'+ fish houses can make it up and down.    The access on the south side (past the Bear trap) on Highway 71 has much more parking and is a flat landing with 2 docks.   Water clarity is good. Fishing is mediocre. 
    • Dune27
      Haven't tried fishing there but I would love to go there someday.
    • neptune
      Basskisser, You will love the lake. Compared to other sizeable lakes in MN the traffic is much lower.  Plus Vermilion has so much shoreline with great bays everywhere.  I always have a rod rigged with a Rapala DT6 in red crawdad color and another set up with a fintech jig and tube in either a crawdad brown or green pumpkin.  The Rap works great if you want to cover water and just bounce it down a rocky shoreline.  The tube is perfect for throwing under docks or submerged rocks that your sonar points out.  Good luck and have fun.  There is some great bass fishing on Vermilion.
    • ZachD
    • Rodney
      Hi all, I just want to askl if someone ever tried using shrooms or truffles for medical purposes? I was reading some articles about this and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I've read magic truffles or shrooms are use on reducing the symtoms of obsessive-conpulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients. I would really want to hear other insights regarding this new possible alternative meds. Thanks
    • Pikers1988
      I have always wanted to make this trip happen but never knew how to make the portage happen. Happy i stumbled upon this post.  Hope to be in contact with you soon portageguy
    • Pikers1988
      I literally just watched an episode of Linders Angling Edge where they echoed exactly what SkunkedAgains quote claimed.