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Stick in Mud

Fishing Lakes with Little or No "Structure"

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Hello all,

The title of the post is referring to those lakes, prominent in this state, that are round, shallow, and lack rocks, timber, humps, drop-offs, etc.--the stuff that makes fishing easy! (Ok, easier.) The lakes in this area that immediately come to mind are Pearl and Grand, both of which are full of fish.

I have been fishing these lakes for quite a few years now and I always do OK, but I have a hard time finding concentrations of fish (walleyes and bass, especially). While on Mille Lacs, the Birches, Little Rock, etc. I can find concentrations of fish, yet I have a hard time finding places that consistently hold larger numbers of fish on lakes like Pearl and Grand. I can always find fish, but they usually seem to be spread out on weedlines.

So, my question is: How do you guys find numbers of fish on these "basin" lakes? I usually troll weedlines (for walleye, bass, and pike), bobber weedlines for walleyes, or worm them for bass. And I do catch some. I just feel like I'm missing something.


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I can only comment on Pearl regarding bass. The key to Pearl is the type of vegetation. If you can find the broader leaf vegetation, you need to fish the edges of it with something slow. When the water hits 80+ you need to use slow falling lures such as a senko, small tubes, and jig worms. There are fish in there, but you have to work them. Also, if you can find a "hook" in the outside weed edge, work it well, since there are normally fish around it.

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    • ZachD
      Those are quantom blades in that picture and they work great for reopening holes and I never had a problem with it being bad for the blades in fact that ring around the bit on the bottom is to help guide the blade when going through a preexisting hole
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      When I fished Trout Lake a lot live Light Northers Suckers under a tip-up would out catch Ciscos every day of the week!
    • mrklean
      Last I heard no plowed roads yet
    • wahoo
      Mine looks like that.  And it does reopen holes, and is sharp.  But, had read in past it was not good for the blade.  A friend indeed has attached a 10" Strikemaster, dual blade to his Eskimo so it does work.  His impressively cuts holes quickly, at angles, etc.  He spears so he does 5 holes side by side , 3 holes deep, then augers side ways to remove in between.  Works well.  Complete hole done, less scooping, in under 10 minutes.   Thanks for all the advice.  Could use something larger than 8" anyway, so may go to 10.  Also will redo back part by toy hauler door, under bunks to a 20" x 5' hole, covered and hinged of course.  May spear, but even if not I love watching the fish and various movements of bait, etc.   Again, thanks for being generous. Wahoo
    • huntzy42
      I am looking for a lake that produces large gills/crappies  Can anyone suggest a Lake in MN that I can hit?