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Looking for a partner

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Hey All,

I am wondering if anyone needs a permanant partner for the upcoming season. I dont have a boat, and would be relying on the partner to provide. I would like to fish tournaments regularly, would definetly chip in half of everything as far as costs go. So if anyone out there is looking for a permanant person to fish with over the summer. Let me know. I've only fished a cuple of tournaments before (Fishers of Men, and club tournaments) but I know what I am doing and believe I can win. Let me know. I can also provide discounts on fishing gear to a partner!!


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What i think you should do is fish the BASS weekend or BFL series as a co-angler. You can do so much with them, like go to nationals, win boats, and win MONEY!!! You will also learn alot to, so when you do get your boat you will be 100% ready. You will fish with different ppl every tournament so you will get to know alot of the guys. Its fun i have done it and learned alot, but still got to fish in tournaments!!!

There is also BASS clubs you can join, Hella Bass on here has opening i belive??

OH Yea, How can you get deal, im always looking for DEALS!!!

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    • smurfy
      my wife said highbanks posted om facebook they shut down there access today due to all the water on the ice. they will open it back up when it freezes back up!!!!!!!!
    • eyeguy 54
      nice job northlandganderfrabill man  
    • monstermoose78
      Pheasants just popped out of no where. I am seeing them everywhere 
    • Jim Uran
      Wow was it a foggy son of a gun yesterday. In a week or so the hard pack is melted down and there is a lot of slush out there. The roads turned into shallow rivers but there is still a solid block of ice in between the layers of water!  Lots of folks out there yesterday, it was hard to tell until the fog lifted. We fished in 15' of water next to a little bowl of 32' of water and it started out pretty slow. We had three 8 year old girls and they ended up making snowmen for the first hour lol.    About 4 o'clock we caught our first perch, it was a flurry after that until dark. Quite a bit of sorting to do but we kept a dozen and a half in the 9 to 10" range. We caught a few in the 11" range too.     
    • DrJuice1980
      Lots of water and slush on the ice yesterday. Ice wasn't as thick as I thought it'd be either.  Spot I was on I marked 13".  Ended up not driving all the way to where I was going and glad I did. Walked about 1/3 mile.  Caught some perch, gills, and a 14.5" eye. Saw some larger marks moving through when I caught the 14 but just sniffers. I was in 20' bottom of a break with some deeper water near and weeds not far.