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Juan Grande

Checklist Needed For Winterizing a Merc Four Stroke

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I'm winterizing my boat for the first time and was wondering if someone could give me a checklist of what I need to do?

I have a Merc 115 four stroke outboard. What do I need to do as far as fogging, changing the oil, etc.

I'm also wondering what I need to do on the boat itself? Do I need to pull the batteries, flush the livewell lines, bilge, etc.? I'm storing the boat outside so do I need to fill the lines with anti-freeze or just blow them out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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With motor hooked to muffs or a water supply disconnect gas while running motor and when it starts to race spray fogging oil into the carb. Keep doing it for about a minute then really spray hard till it dies. Most motors will die immediatly with the fogging oil some motors will run forever on it. Remove plugs and spray each cylinder real good then replace the plugs and give it a quick crank with plug wires disconnected.

Drain and fill lower unit oil, Pull plug on boat and tilt back so any water getting in will drain. Jack trailer up and use jack stands to reduce flat spots on tire treads. I am sure there is others but the most important is draining and re filling the lower unit. If there is water in there and it freezes it can bust open that lower unit.

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when it starts to race spray fogging oil into the carb.

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe the 115 Merc 4 Stroke is fuel injected.. which means there are no carbs to spray the fogging fluid into. What I would do is to run a fuel stabalizer (stabil, seafoam, 2+4, etc) and run the engine for a while on the hose to make sure you've got stabalized fuel run through the fuel system on the motor. Then, remove the spark plugs, squirt some fogging fluid into the cylinders and then, with the spark plug wires off or with the kill switch pulled, turn the engine over a little bit to get the fluid worked in.

Everything else is correct above.


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