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Nisswa wants to eliminate firearms hunting!!

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I just got a call from a friend that told me there is a meeting on Wens the 18th about eliminating all firearms hunting from the nisswa area. If you are against this get in touch with me


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I have a couple questions for you. Would it be possible to get more specifics on the possible ban? I'm assuming they mean within the city limits only (which are very widespread and extend into very rural parts around the actual city portion of nisswa). Would they still allow hunting with bow and arrow?

On a related thought:

I live in rural Nisswa (not in city limits) and we have a ton of deer. I've often pondered that perhaps they should consider making a switch to a shotgun zone in some of this area. Not for the purpose of restricting rifle use as much as to encourage more hunting and reducing the deer herd. My thought is that property owners may feel more comfortable hunting and more likely to allow others to hunt their small acreage spots to take deer if they knew that rifles with extended ranges were not going to be used around their homes.

They sure need to be doing something to encourage more deer harvest in this area, not restricing any opportunity to take deer.

Keep us posted.


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I am working on getting more facts, I just heard about this today. I know the meeting is at city hall on the 18th at 7:00pm

I think it is city limits, but as you said that is a pretty braod area that would displcae a lot of hunters.

It would also include Grandview, they have a lot of hunters up and do youth hunts to thin out their deer. I was told they lose 55K a year inlandscaping to deer.

I would not have a problem with a slug/muzzelloader zone.

I do not think this will effect archery.

I live in nisswa and am not right on the line for city limits, yet I love 4 miles from down town nisswa?

Just wanted to spread the word so that people know what they are planning. The meeting the 18th is to discuss the possible ban.

I called vince meyer from the dispatch and he is now digging into this to run a story Sunday.

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Go to second article down oon left.


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Here is the article cut and pasted. Sounds rushed to me to consider it for this year. I like that they are considering the fact that they need to hear both sides. ccarlson

Nisswa City Council to consider limited rifle hunting in city

by Nancy Vogt

The city of Nisswa will talk next month about limiting rifle hunting in the city for the upcoming deer hunting season.

Mayor Harold Kraus said the city council had talked about five years ago about making certain areas of the city free of deer hunting, but never took action. Now the city has received letters from residents of Wild Wings Acres, a new development off Clark Lake Road, requesting hunting regulations.

"I think maybe it would do us some good if we looked into this a little bit more," Kraus said at the Wednesday, Sept. 20, city council meeting. "Since the last time we talked about this we've had a lot of housing developments go into areas that were hunting areas before."

Kraus questioned whether the city should ban rifle hunting in certain areas or the city as a whole.

"I wonder, the way development is happening, if it's maybe not time to look at the whole city," said council member Lenny Hodgson. "Certainly leave it open to archery. But I don't know about firearms."

Council members suggested an ordinance banning firearms within 1,000 feet of any building.

Currently, firearms are banned within 500 feet of buildings. Police Chief Craig Taylor said that would be extremely difficult to enforce.

Loren Wickham, planning and zoning administrator, said some people own large parcels of property in the city that they want to hunt on.

Rich Pedersen, a Wild Wings Acres resident, told the council there's some urgency in deciding what to do because deer hunting season is approaching.

"I'd like to see some urgency in this," he said. "They were hunting in my back yard. All it takes is one stray bullet to kill somebody."

Hodgson said that though he agreed with Pedersen, property owners who meet DNR hunting regulations also deserve a chance to address the issue before the council takes any action.

"Even as a hunter, I'm not sure we're not at the point where we have to go that way," he said of banning firearms hunting in the city.

"It's going to be too late if somebody gets shot or injured," Pedersen said.

To take action by hunting season at the beginning of November, the city would have to draft an ordinance and adopt it in October.

At the October meeting, the council will hear what current firearms rules are, and it will have a map showing where hunting is allowed and new housing developments in the city.

Hodgson wanted to be sure deer hunters had a chance to present their case. "We should have been talking about this three months ago instead of at the end of September," he said.

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How could they possibly get this enacted in time for this hunting season? How is that even possible? People have bought licenses, I haven't, but I bet the majority have. There would be some really pissed off people if this were to happen. I agree, there is probably some room for discretion about using a rifle, but to ban firearms altogether, especially this late is rediculous.

There are so many deer-car collisions along 371 that it is getting out hand. How do they plan on controlling the population when there is only bowhunting? Insurance rates will increase, deer could become diseased, they will be more of a nuisance due to lack of food, damaging gardens, trees etc. These efforts are always very short sighted.

I would be concerned too for safety, but don't jump the gun (sorry, bad pun) and make such drastic enforcement.

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Swampbuck, you need to contact Gary Drotts at the DNR (Wildlife Manager). Gary would be the very helpful with this case. He will be able to assist and giving you some factual information that can help the hunters in city of Nisswa or resolutions...good luck!!!

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