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Multiple House Boat Camping Spot?

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Hi All!

The extended family and I are planning on heading up next year for a houseboat outing. When I say extended, that entails renting 3-4 houseboats. Does anyone know if there is such a thing a campgroud suitable to house 3 or 4 houseboats, 4 or so fishing boats and 20+ people? OR is there a few houseboat campgrounds really close together that could also suit our needs? We would ideally like to be east of the Bruele (usually stay on Finlander), but would entertain other ideas.



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There are a number of sites in Saginaw Bay that I've seen multiple houseboats at. I have seen 3 of the big Lady of the Lake boats from Rainy Lake Houseboats in Anderson Bay as well. It is pretty hard to find a good spot where 20 people can all be out mingling and walking around. Depending on whether you'll be mostly fishing or "houseboating" will determine how important a spot like that is.

With fishing boats, I would recommend tying them directly to the parked houseboats with bumpers to protect them and the stern facing shore. It will be difficult to tie fishing boats up with that many houseboats in the same area.

Saginaw has a number of fairly close sites if you were to split up. You will also have to take into account what time of the year you'll be up as far as how full the sites are.

I don't know if I really helped much but that's all I got. Good luck!

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tearin' lips

Not too much to add, F&F did a great job of summing it up.

It is possible to park multiple houseboats at a site, but most sites are not going to be accomodating for a group that size. Like F&F said, there will not be too much room for fishing boats, etc. with three houseboats side by side. Anderson comes to mind as the one place where I have seen multiple houseboats together.

If you were to split up, My best advice would be to look at the three sites just inside the kempton channel, the sites on the east side of big island, or there are even enough sites close in the duckfoot/finlander/saginaw area to accomodate your groups needs.

Take Care AnyLake!! grin.gif

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This area is within Voyageurs National Park and certain regulations apply. I would call the Rainy Lake Vistor Center at 218-286-5258 and get them to send you some Park information. I know that there is a limit to the number of houseboats at a developed site (2) and so if you have more than that you may have to split the group or moor at an undeveloped sites. If you talk to one of the Park Rangers that work the area they can fill you in on specifics. I am sure that you have a fun trip, this is a great area.


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Thanks for the information. I will check with the places you mentioned!

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    • Rick
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    • nytelyter
      how is the ice should i bring four wheeler or is half ton truck good to go??  
    • nytelyter
      So l@@king to saturday. i will be sporting the new otter lodge xt pro modded out and way ready to go will have my 8" lazer on the new 40v strikemaster and may bring the 3hp power head as well. my girlfriend will be coming and she is stoked for the fun time. thanks everyone for the awesome prizes and also the pre-fishing. will be checking the forum before saturday for updated info. has anyone volunteered to bring a garbage can or two along with some bags yet?? if not i can handle that i will bring some chips and a pan of mounds bars for lunch oh some "pie"  this event always has to have "pie"                         ' Born to Fish. Forced to Work  
    • trro0901
      Just hauled our shack out last weekend, didn't get a bite.  Graphed some, but no takers, could have just been the weather, or tactics, ha.  Haven't really fished the lake much in the winter, figured we should seeing it's a half mile from home. 
    • nytelyter
      i do plan on being there and hopefully a bit early.  
    • Fathom
      Set up deeper on rock reef for the rest of the weekend and only managed one fish (26" eye), missed a couple others. We wanted to stay deeper due to all the traffic on the lake. We did enjoy a good time at Fishing for Ducks, we saw a nice walleye pulled through the ice but it only measured 27.5". Talk about a bummer for that guy!
    • Jarrid Houston
      Roads to the islands always need to be taken very cautious and I would encourage going with someone who knows the area..  I believe they were shutting down the highway H extension due to this recent weather we just got?  Plenty of fish and opportune situtations in the bay.
    • cookie129
      Another crazy busy weekend is in the books. I really enjoy giving out my fishing/what's happening on the lake reports but finding the time has been tough. To say its a grind is a understatement.
       I can tell you again as the season winds down I'm never ready for it to end, as I truly love being out there in my trucks, moving houses, plowing the  hillmen highway, giving advise, helping other fishermen when they do something silly, Driving into a snow bank, dropping there gun down a hole or any other important object like there keys. Every year all the workers seem to get a little grumpy as fighting mother nature, going from sun up to sunset takes a toll physically and mentally. It also seems I ruffle a few feathers every year and its never my intent  so I have to chalk it up as a long season. If I stepped on anyone's toes it sure was not planned or intended as all most every day plan a turns to plan b and c. Mother nature dictates where I go sometimes as well as any plowed roads that can make our job easier. The cookie shuffle worked very well this year as I tell everyone that gets lost in my maze of trails. I'm not a road engineer.
       Man did we get overwhelmed with wheel house's this past weekend, any fish coming from southwest had to go threw a gauntlet of hooks to find my fishermen.
       I had two wheel house's  that I set up at the end of the hillmens highway and was surprised how bad they did. I guess I should of went south not east? The nw road has gotten to much to maintain, there's one lone house out that way that will need a new trail made .
       Its all started Thursday as jonnny boy and I prepped for the weekend with Joe, Zack, Adam and   his crew arriving fro florida. Zacks birthday wish was fishing red lake, they had a blast. They went to westwind where they enjoyed a fish fry, plus they took home a few fish with a couple even getting a ride in florida fish house as we moved a small distance to put it on fresh ice for there last night sunday. Last year when they came we landed on the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie mother load? I think  they had dreams for a year of repeating that. Every year is different and again this year was no exception.
       Ben who proposed in old Minnesota to Shawna 8 years ago were in old Minnesota with there two adorable kids. Louie the fishing machine and his little sister Willa plus there friend Nelli.
       They had a blast also with Shawna getting a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie to boot. They also managed to take home a nice batch of upper red lake walleyes.
       Hunter and his two buddies were in north Dakota. It was slow but they also managed to take home a batch of fish.
       Charlie and Rizzo were in montana , They were very serious about there fishing and went home with there 8.
      Jeromy and his gal were in north Carolina Saturday, sunday . They also managed to get there 8.
       Sunday was a very tough day as we had all 5 houses re rented. I was planning on moving all of them so we battled mother nature the whole time as a ne wind with 2 inches of snow made it impossible to see. At one point I was getting sea sick as I struggled to see, With the sky, horizon and the lake all the same color. wow what a struggle.
       It took us  7 1/2 hours but we got every thing cleaned, moved.
       Mother nature has given us another bout of snow so tomorrow I will let every one know how the houses did the last two days as its time to check the fluids and fire up the fleet
    • nickeleye
      Figured I should report back... I fished prime time on Saturday morning and Saturday evening. No action. It didn't help that I forgot to grab the vexilar on the first outing, but it didn't help to have it on the second outing either! ha! Marked a few but couldn't get them to bite. Used a GPS chip to punch some holes over structure, but when I came back with the vexilar, they weren't quite as deep as I hoped. Thanks for the pointers BrianF
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