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Brian Jones

9-25-06 Report

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Hi folks,

Recent fishing has been great and it should only be getting better from here. Water temp is at 58-59 on the main lake right now and the water level is still bad to worse.

Musky fishing has been good, many nice fish caught in the tourney this past weekend. My partner and I boated a 38.25 inch and a huge fish that we were stalking attempted to eat my top-water bait with ten minutes to go on day 2!! Of course she missed it by about five inches…maybe next year! Clients and I have been moving fish on cabbage and rocks/sand for the most part. Reed bite has been poor when I have tried them so maybe it is just me or are others seeing it too?

Walleye and jumbo perch action has also been good too. Walleye are scattered at all depths and the perch have been in the 7-11 foot zone. Jigs and minnows or a lindy rig are doing the trick.

If you like big pike now is the time. I have stuck a few fatties as of late with very impressive girths already. Jerkbaits and gliders being the best producers, rubber baits are great too if you don’t mind pike trashing them.

Hope you are all having a great fall! With the baby getting here soon it is harder to get on the pc and do these reports. I will do the best I can though.

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    • SupraFishin
      Actually, I believe that the mercury in the water has to do with the taconite mining:
    • papadarv
      @KirtH I believe you spend a lot of time on Marion. Any insight to the accuracy of the Navionics Sonar chart on Marion in Lakeville?   The left Navionics map contour (left map) is basically the 1958 DNR chart with 1 ft. Contours calculated to the chart with minimal updates to some of the contours and yes, is quite inconsistent and inaccurate to the (right map) SonarChart.   Bathymetric metadata originated in 2009 where SorarCharts are derived from. "SonarChart™ (right contour map) is produced starting from the Nautical Chart and other regional or local sources offering additional data, as well as Navionics surveys. We then validate and integrate sonar logs recorded by end users and contributed from both plotter and mobile devices, adjusting for tide correction and filtering out “bad” data. A new SonarChart is published with updated contours on a daily basis.
      Navionics generates a new SonarChart every day. After a user submits sonar logs for processing, the updated SonarChart will normally be available after about one week, with some exceptions. For example, processing may take from three up to eight weeks when sonar logs are submitted for an uncharted area, because a coastline correction is typically required and Navionics will first source new coastline information for the area."   SonarChart Live from users are usually collected is small areas. I can't really visualize a person running a boat east to west than north to south every 25 feet over an entire lake are the size of Marion to record depth. This is the daily data in the above note from Navionics on how this user captured data is added to the map. I do not believe it is possible to rife the data with depth errors as the only measurement from a sonar is the distance form the transducer and lake bottom which is not adjustable on any sonar. Minimal GPS errors may occur but only a few feet depending on the quality of the Smart Phone GPS. Extreme dense weed areas in shallow areas that effect depth are included in the "bad" data filtering.
    • Mracekvb23
      Anyone have an update on ice after all the 60 degree weather and blizzard?  Is it gone?
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Ice is freezing up.  Shore lines are now frozen up where they were open.  Ice is honeycombed but firm.   River is open past the 22 access by 100 yards.   I might just take out my small wheeler and do a walleye fishing on shoe this weekend.   Don
    • Mike89
      too funny!! studded tire too??