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Duck Hunting Black Bay

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Thinking about giving it a try.

Anybody have any history or stories to share?

Just trying to get a gauge on what to expect up there!

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Crowds. It can be a pretty popular spot at times.

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Depending on where your at in the bay and how the hunting pressure is hunting can be fair to phenomenal. For the last two years hunting has been phenomenal for us, BUT we put many many many hours in scouting.

Techniques are the same as you would use for any other place to hunt. Look to generally more ricy secluded areas for your puddlers and main lake points for your divers. If you have the right spread and have scouted out the right spot you can shoot a combonation of both these, plus geese.

Its imperitave to know that you can only hunt in the areas marked with a yellow wildlife management sign when near skunk island. Anything on the south shore is fair game, assuming it is not private property(take a look at a plot book) and anything up into the rat root is fair game also.

Just a little hint, I would stick to places along the south shore up near and far into the rat root where the birds see very little, if any hunting pressure.

I know that these are generalizations, but if you put your time in scouting for a day or two to see where the birds are, you will have a good hunt.

Take Care and Good Hunting!!!

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    • DLD24
      My last trip to Mille Lacs I lost a big eye right before I saw it with the jiggin rap...Then 10 minutes later I hooked a 28.5" eye and that was the most scared I've been fighting a fish lol... Every head shake I was darn near dropping my rod tip in the water lol.
    • monstermoose78
      What kind of hand auger and shape is it in
    • LBerquist
      Heard island lake was a hot spot. Any lure that resembles a small foot should work well.
    • going4it
      I'd go with 112 if you have the room more power and I believe last longer on the water. I pilot is worth it. Spot lock to fan cast an area or to stay outside the dock that you just got broke off of are two benifits. I pilot link links up with your hummingbird unit if that's what you have for a depth finder. Let's you follow depth contours. Good luck with the purchases 
    • ANYFISH2
      sure odd to see the timberwolves mentioned in trade possibilities with the likes of a Kyrie Irving.
    • ANYFISH2
      I just dont believe that to be a Esox bite at all. Too much space between the Major wounds, IMHO!
    • delcecchi
      That is a strong possibility...
    • Hoey
      Here is a photo of the foot.  Looks like a toothy gator.  
    • BringAnExtension   DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — An 11-year-old girl has undergone surgery to repair damage to her foot which might have been caused by a fish in a northeastern Minnesota lake. Maren Kesselhon suffered nine deep lacerations and tendon damage when she was injured while sitting on a paddleboard on Island Lake north of Duluth Wednesday. Maren’s dad, Ryan Kesselhorn, says his daughter told him she could feel her foot in the mouth of a fish and kicked at it with her other foot to free herself. The Dickinson Press reports doctors at Essentia Health, where Maren had surgery, say the razor-sharp cuts, some down to the bone, probably were caused by a fish. Island Lake is home to large muskies and northern pike. A Duluth fisherman caught and released a 47-inch long muskie Wednesday.
    • RoosterMan
      Captain Acorn, I fish Jiggin Raps quite a bit on Vermilion, have for several years now.  I Cast em, fish them vertical and move around and cover ground at a good pace with them.  I am not sure there is any key to getting snagged less, other than knowing your spots. They are certainly an effective and a great way to catch fish.  I personally do not remove either the front or the back hook.  Believe me if you fish these your going to donate a few to the depths, just part of the game.    Good luck! - Roosterman