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Where would you start?

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I'm in kind of a rebuilding phase with my bow setup. Riht now I'm using a '00 Darton Yukon XT. I've got a Bodoodle rest and some no name cheapie sight. If you don't know the bodoodles they are a prong style rest that has spring tension. I've got only 8 usuable arrows. 2 of one brand and 6 of another, but the 6 are of two different series and they all have different fletchings.

I bought the bow used and haven't changed anything. I hunted with it last year and did okay, but its time for me to make some upgrades to be a better hunter.

I guess I'm asking you all what your opinion is. In theory I can afford to make all these changes very soon. I'm waiting for someone who's buying my truck to pay me.

So where would you start? I'm thinking I want a drop-away rest for sure. I'm not really a fan of the Whisker Biscuit. I don't need any more than a 3pin sight and I've been hunting with 2, one for 20 and one for 40yds. I'd consider building my own arrows, but I don't know what to do or where to start. grrrrrr.... confused.gif

I know the folks at Cabin Fever pretty well, but I'm not one of those people who just drops off my bow and writes a check when its ready. I want to pick what I'm getting and know what I'm getting for the money. If I was that guy I would own a new Mathews or Bowtech. I just want a reliable bow with solid components

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After buying my new bow (Tomkat Bowtech $450) I have noticed that most archery shops have used bows for sale. They are pretty good deals. Check those out for sure.

They are the best HANDS-ON source of info.

Another popular Bow Site (hint) has free classifieds with good deals on used bows.

I love my WB. It holds the arrow no matter what when hunting and I am happy with it's consistancy.

I think the easiest way to refletch arrows is with the green and tan Arizona EZ Fletch, but put on one vane/feather at a time with superglue or goat tuff. I like the fast setting stuff cause if I goof I can tear it off and start over within a half an hour.

I carefully remove old vanes with a utility knife and superfine sandpaper.

I'm sure if you do a search you will find pages of flectching tips.

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There are many good shops around and you have a couple choices. One you can keep the bow you have since it isn't that old and upgrade. There are many good drop aways out there. The top ones are Muzzy, trophy drop zone, Schaffer, mathews there are others that are excellent but these are my favorites. For sights there are many awesome sights these days. I have a HHa Adjustable. But for pin sights there are cobra, trionics, tru glo, copper john, spott hog, it all depends on what features you want. I would definitly go with Beaman, easton or Gold tip carbon arrows.

Second you could do what others recomended and buy a upgraded used bow or a new bow. However I am not sure of your budget. Last year I upgraded to a new Mathews Switchback but all outfited I spent close to $1200. Now is a great time to upgrade, bows or accessories since there are so many awesome bows and accesories available. Good luck. I you have any specific questions let us all know.

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When you get to the point of rebuilding and interested in a new drop rest,I have a Trophy Ridge DropZone hunter that I purchased off ebay thinking I needed a new one which was not the case. I agree, I deal with the Cabin Fever people alot because I live in Waconia and they are great to work with and I guess that is where I would start.

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    • RainyRat
      'Pout   The 'Pout bite has been great   Adrian's has made yet another road to the east of the 2 previous, now abandoned, roads.  The new road is a bit rough for my liking but take it slower and no problems.  The good part about it is that the little snow that is out there (maybe an inch or two) is rock hard and you can now drive anywhere you want.  I saw 1 ton diesel trucks pulling wheel houses across the white and I doubt anyone was even in 4 wheel drive, its just not needed.  We can all spread out, anywhere we want.   BTW, stay off the old plowed roads where the ice looks smooth.  Some of them had a foot or so of water on them before it cooled off again and as of yesterday they were not all frozen back down to the original ice. I saw one truck got a little surprise.  Again take it slow and pay attention and you can go anywhere.   Good luck with those 'pout!   RR    
    • jkrash
    • CigarGuy
      Del, it looks like the first time posters are coming after us!  I wasn't going to say anything else on this topic, but as long as Vermilion Boater called me out, I'll say a few more things and be done.  I've been a lake home owner up here for only 5 years , but I've been to The Landing numerous times over the last 5 years.  I've taken part in fancy 4-course meals, had the daily special and just a burger or a cocktail. Sat at the bar and Bs'd with the bartenders Justin and I think her name was Jesse and they were great.   I've been to (not really my favorite) The Crescent less than 10 times total!  I don't go to the lake to spend time in a bar, but once in a while, it's a nice change of pace.  When we have company, I'll usually bring them to The Landing, because the setting is hard to beat.  The service, meals have been great at times and not so great.  You never know if there going to be open all week, Thur-Sunday or Friday-Sunday!  I'm not giving my "drive bye" opinion of the place!  I've talked to locals, people working on my place, fishermen and read reviews here, FB, Trip Adviser and see that reviews are in-fact, all over the place. So, it's not my "narrow-minded" view!  I don't seek out opinions, they come up in conversation.  I'm glad you, your neighbors and friends enjoy it!  BTW, your vast knowledge of the competition, leads me to believe, you might have a vested interest in the place.  Ok, I'm done with this thread! 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I just came back from checking ice conditions on Big Bay. I found about 22 inches of good ice out there and very easy going! No real snow cover left, no slush, and smooth ice almost every where! Cliff
    • cookie129
      Well another game fish season has came to a end. The dnr will be having a meeting this week in Kellier to discuss the up and coming open water season.. I be leave our cabins are wide open with narly a date penciled in this summer including opener?
      Grab a cup of java because this is going to be a long blog.
      The first thing is what a great ending to another game fish season .
      The biggest thing and this come from my heart is" Thank you" to all my new and repeat customers . With out all of you I would not be able to enjoy working on such a grand lake. When that old timer Dave shared that with me I was in Awe. "Its a grand lake and it owes me nothing, nothing was his quote and boy did that stick. The walleye fishing this year could of been better. I'm all most to the point of calling them the elusive upper red lake walleye?
      Just like every season for 14 years now we have had great fishing, good fishing and poor fishing. I guess its the luck of the draw when you come up. We caught a couple,, we caught some and we caught a few over the season. The fishermen have become a little more tight lip about there walleye catches over the last couple years. Its so funny when You ask a fishermen how they did. The ponder and say oh we got a few? I've always been like how many is a few? Its always well we got 18? To me a few is 3, a couple is two and some can be 1 or more.
      The dnr will be releasing a summery of what's happening on the lake in the next upper red lake association news letter. If your interested in joining and becoming a member its 25 dollars a year or 50 if you want your business listed on there web site.
      I have a few gripes I want to share also. Some you will have to read between the lines.
      The first thing is Saturday night I was coming off of the lake on Hillmens highway. Buddy Hillmen is so dedicated to his road and there is no one prouder when it comes to maintaining a ice road.
      As I was coming on to the landing a big wheel house turned off the highway. I new right away they did not pay 10 dollars and there's a sign right there that says 10 dollars. I rolled down my window and he was like wow I did not know where to pay. Where do you pay? He had no problem finding the access but did not see the lights on in the bar with a few vehicles there? Give me a break.
      Kelly, Buddy Hillmens mechanic got 3 Thursday night pulling in. If you can not afford 10 dollars a day for your wheel house ? I personally think wheel houses should have to pay more?
      I also had a few customers that tried to slide by this year and its very frustrating . The deal I have with buddy hillmen is I can use his access and in turn my customers have to pay 10 dollars a day. I'm on call 24 hours a day for any ice road work ,plowing, bridging, etc. Over the years I have been accused of fishing where some one was going to go? fishing on some ones way points? Cutting someone off. Every year its something and again this year was no exception? Any side roads I personally plow to my houses are always open. Do I want fishermen by my houses? Nope. My customers pay good money and I do not want them looking out the picture windows and seeing a wheel house 30 yards away. There is always plenty of room where I plow as I'm the rouge plower. I have no problem plowing out a driveway for a wheel house as it helps pay for my equipment as it takes a beating out there.
      Its been a crazy season and its not over for me as I again chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. to be continued