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Scum Frogs...

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I've not been a member of this forum very long, but REALLY enjoy everybody here. I know that I won't ever get to meet everybody, but would like to... grin.gif

My vacation starts in two weeks (9/9-16), and we've decided to stay at a resort on 8th Crow Wing. If you live in the area, or going to be in the area at that time and would like to meet for a cup of coffee and fishin' chat, please contact me at (remove the "no spam")

Now about SCUM FROGS...

I could probably ask this on the species-specific forum for bass... but would rather ask my friends HERE.

There have been some previous posts about "Scum Frogs". Before participating here, I had never heard of them... but have found them on the Internet. But now I have some questions:

What SIZE do you "Scummers" use? (I've only seen the 5/16oz.)

I would assume that GREEN works best?

There are other 'similar' frogs in the market... Mann's Super Frog, Snag-Proof, etc. They seem to be more readily available... are they as good?

Looking forward to hearing from you SCUMMY-users out there!

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We've got a place on 11th. September should be a good time to be up on 8th.

I just bought a 1/2 oz "trophy" scum frog with the dark green back and chartruese legs. I tried it out this weekend for the first time as we have some thick lily pads on our shoreline. Second cast, blam-o, nice top water exlosion! I had difficulty waiting the two seconds before setting the hook. It seems like a long time but it worked. Not a huge bass, but it sure was fun.

I took someone's advice and added some shot inside to give it more weight and some rattle. This lure appears to be great for bass and will probably be dynamite for big pike once it really cools off.

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Found some Scum Frogs at WAL-MART of all places!!! Noticed that they are VERY similar to the Snag-Proof versions. (But the Scummies were cheaper! grin.gif)

When fishing the Snag-Proof ones in the past, have had trouble with them rolling over (hook-points down) and then catching on the pads/weeds, etc. Same problems with the Scummies??

Does the added weight still allow them to float? (if you only used a little weight) Does the weight help it to float "upright"?

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Hey how it going? The scum frogs do not have that problem. These things are great, I usually use the Dark Green and the light Green those seem to work the best. But a couple of other colors work to, you got the white body with the red and white skirt, another is a white and green with a frog looking under belly with white and yellow skirt. September should be really good topwater action up in the pads. Make sure you put your pictures of all the big bass you get on this site. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well keep in mind I've only casted this thing maybe 8 or 9 times, so others might know better. I didn't really have a problem with snagging pads though.

I dropped a couple of tiny bullet weights inside to help with casting and rattle (maybe 1/16" each?). That option is up to you, it would probably work just fine w/o them. It still floated head up, hooks underneath. I suppose the hooks could then catch from time to time, but pretty rarely.

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Thanks (and Scummy-Brad too)!!

Wally-World didn't have that many colors, but stocked-up on what they had!! grin.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Minnesota fishing has been most productive in 20-24 feet of water.  Guests are bringing home their limits of Walleye and Sauger with the occasional Perch and Northern mixed in. Fish have been most active early and late in the day and the bite has been terrific. The use of electronics continues to be very beneficial with fish taking jigging spoons, jigg’n raps or rattle baits.  Snowmobile ttrails on the Minnesota side continue to be maintained and are in great shape. We are still making ice, with most spots at over 30 inches. 

      North and East of us in Canada, big Crappies are coming in on light tackle setups out of 30 feet. If you are looking for walleye, they are everywhere!

      Until next week, 

      Sunset Lodge
    • JBMasterAngler
      On the Bayfield side of the bay, the target depth is typically 10 to 40 ft. The basswood island area is where they go after lakers. There’s a plowed road that goes out there. As of last week the ice was about 20 inches in that area, might be thicker now. Check out the Bayfield webcam, you can see what kind of activity is going on.
    • Jarrid Houston
      Wanderer, stop in at the River Rock bait shop in Ashland and they will get you pointed in the right direction.  They are always pretty cool about that.  Fishing near Ashland off of 2nd landing can be good.  Don't need nothing more than regular walleye gear, and some tip-ups and really there is no rhyme or reason where a guy should set up shop. Its a pretty wide open water and the fish that live there are always on the move. For us, most often, the sit and wait pays off.  It has been slower as of late, but still some fish..  Good luck, JH
    • cat44
      Anybody know if there is a pressure ridge/ice heave out in front of the Warroad Access? I know ice conditions will change throughout the coming weeks. Looking forward to getting after some pike.  The last few years there has been a pressure ridge there, last year it went from Springsteel over to Swift. And we've been up there plenty of times when there hasn't been one at all. Just curious to find out what conditions are like in that bay. Thanks!
    • Hoyt4
      Most likely our last trip up this year unless we go up for crappies but i'm running out of weekends. We had another great trip this weekend the fish are so fat this year more than I remember in the past.  Got my old man out for a good walleye bite he had a blast and caught a ton of fish. One day they just attached the bait as it was coming down they would come up and smash. Next day you put in the bottom and not even see the lure on the vex bring up a tad and they would smack it. Fun and a lot of snow hitting yesterday when we left.
    • PRO-V
    • SaintPaulPaul
      Switch to regular Budweiser and they seem to just jump out of the hole. No, seriously the way I improved my landing success through the ice was to go to small treble hooks. One small one on a 6' leader, a weight and Colorado blade above the leader seems to work for me. If you are on the flag right away, you don't risk gut-hooking them. I also recycle my Power Pro musky line and put it on tip ups. Also, I should add that I always  have a jaw-spreader and 8" forceps for quick and easy hook removal.
    • Iowabrewcrew
      Funny...seems like when the Emerald run slowed down up there 4-5 years ago, the fishing followed suit!
    • anyfishwilldo
      they only ran for a couple days.  They have them on the canadian side but its illegal to transport live bait across the border
    • JerkinLips
      Cliff - much more than the 4-6" they were predicting.  It was a tired drive back to Blaine late Saturday night, but would have been a much tougher drive back Sunday.
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