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missing bass in 24 hrs

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Was on Tonka two days in a row and the big fish disapeared. Here is the scenairo:

the first day(tuesday) and second day Wend(full moon).

both days were hitting docks

both days the wind speed and direction were the same

the first day sunny the second day cloudy

hit the same three locations both days

the first day encounterd nice bass 3-5 lb on the docks caught two fish in each spot and left. did not want to burn the spot. had 1-2 more bites but did not purposely hook fish.

Wend. was taking some kids out fishing. had high hopes being a full moon.

on wend all the big fish vanished nothing but dinks on the docks. So I/we fished the outside edge of the inside weedline, in the weeds(cabbage), outside edge of weedline.

the sunnies were on the docks both days etc.

all the quality fish went by by. I am not sure if the fish went by by or the kids could not just hook bigger fish. They did have trouble seeing the line move when the fish took the senko etc.

i felt so bad for the kids they did manage to hook 9 fish/1 kid and 6 fish/second kid but all fish were between 9-13 inches.

any help welcome

thanks the addict

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one thought... Maybe the bass aren't hiding in the shade under the docks as much when it is cloudy? I have noticed that my best dock fishing is when it is sunny.

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Excactly, high sun = fish under docks, cloudy = fish roaming shallow flats.

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      i wanted a yellow lab and got over ruled on the chocolate.  Great looking dog!  Does not look 115 pounds
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          Thanks!  She is only 40 pounds at 9 months old.  Don't think she will get much bigger. I was hoping to talk with some people at the game farm next month to see if i can get a great price on a pre-buy program.    I have some pheasant feathers and she goes crazy when she see me grab them.  I need to find a field that the grass is not chest high to plant them or better yet get some game birds and tie the feet off and plant those.    If you drive by Round Lake and see a red Tundra stop in and say hello. I am there most nights when it gets this hot.        
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      There are a few small Trout lakes in there as well but not sure how they bite in the summer? I've only Ice fished them.  
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      Thanks Cliff, weather looks dynamite so that's a good start!
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      Finally making it up for our first trip of the year. Strictly walleye fishing in Frazer Bay with slip bobbers around the reefs. Appreciate any fishing reports. Thanks!
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      I believe they take vets living in veteran homes around the area like Silver Bay veteran home ect
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