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Ralph Wiggum

Makin' a list

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Ralph Wiggum

It seems that whenever I go fishing, I always forget something that I wish I had, so I thought I'd make a checklist of things I'll need. I thought that there was no way I'd forget anything if everyone pitches in, so feel free to suggest anything you think should be included. I'd be glad to distribute an Excel file list to anyone who wants it once I have it all compiled.

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Are you looking for a fishing or camping list?? Here's a camping list, but by the length of it, I don't think any of us have a big enough truck to haul it all!!!

Camping Basics

_____ flashlight

_____ lantern

_____ batteries / bulbs

_____ lighter

_____ lantern fuel

_____ spare lantern mantles

_____ tarp

_____ rope

_____ water

_____ lounge chair

_____ radio

_____ signal whistle

_____ canteen

_____ pocket knife

_____ compass

_____ map

_____ money, credit card, ID

_____ drivers license

_____ day pack/fanny pack

_____ travel clock

_____ clothesline

_____ clothespins

_____ electrical cords

_____ tent repair kit

_____ camera and film

_____ video camera

_____ binoculars

_____ battery-operated radio

_____ fold-up table

Recreational Camping

_____ sport gear

_____ fishing pole & gear

_____ fly fishing equipment

_____ license & bait

_____ water bottle

_____ camera/video camera

_____ books, cards

_____ games, toys, etc.

_____ guitars, harmonicas

_____ musical instruments

_____ bikes/helmets

_____ binoculars

_____ hiking/camp guides

_____ lawn chairs

_____ canoe or boat

_____ life jackets


_____ insect repellent

_____ sunscreen

_____ sunglasses

_____ lip balm

_____ handy wet wipes

_____ tissue

_____ washcloth

_____ towel

_____ sewing kit

_____ toothpaste

_____ toothbrush

_____ deodorant

_____ soap

_____ shampoo/conditioner

_____ comb/brush

_____ hair clips/bands

_____ razor/shaving cream

_____ toilet paper

_____ prescription medicines


_____ first aid kit

_____ Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin

_____ Tums

_____ antibiotics cream

_____ tweezers for splinters

_____ antiseptic, band-aids

_____ allergy medicine

_____ pocket tissues

Camping Fire

_____ wood

_____ newspaper

_____ matches

_____ kindling/starters

_____ campfire permit

_____ fire extinguisher

_____ shovel

_____ axe


_____ ground cloth

_____ tarp

_____ tent

_____ poles/stakes

_____ mallet or hammer

_____ broom

_____ sleeping bag

_____ pillow

_____ mats/air mattress

_____ inflator/air pump

_____ extra blanket

_____ floor mats for entrance

_____ shade canopy

_____ rope & stakes Camper's Clothing

_____ sweater

_____ jacket

_____ sweats pants / shirt

_____ jeans

_____ underwear

_____ swimsuit

_____ thick socks

_____ thin socks

_____ t-shirts

_____ tank top

_____ hat/visor

_____ gloves/mittens

_____ thermals

_____ shorts

_____ pajamas

_____ hiking boots

_____ sneakers

_____ sandals

_____ bandanna

_____ sunglasses

Camp Kitchen

_____ ice

_____ ice chest

_____ storage container

_____ frozen insulator

_____ stove

_____ propane/fuel

_____ matches

_____ paper plates

_____ plate holders

_____ bowls

_____ plastic silverware

_____ pots/pans

_____ pot holders

_____ coffee pot

_____ mugs/cups

_____ thermos

_____ paper towels

_____ aluminum foil

_____ dish pan

_____ dish towel

_____ plastic trash bags

_____ ziplock bags

_____ dish soap

_____ sponge/scrubber

_____ skewers

_____ tablecloth

Cooking Utensils

_____ spatula

_____ measuring cup

_____ tongs

_____ big spoon

_____ cork screw

_____ bottle opener

_____ cutting knife

_____ can opener


_____ travel games

_____ games and toys

_____ rainy day games

_____ books

_____ paper

_____ pencils and crayons

_____ buckets and shovels

_____ frisbees

_____ kites

_____ magazines

Baby Supplies

_____ baby food

_____ diapers and wipes

_____ bottles and formula

_____ bibs

_____ spoons

_____ ointments

_____ booster / high-chair

_____ stroller

_____ toys and books

_____ favorite toy

_____ blankets

_____ crib / play pen

_____ stuffed animals

_____ pacifier

_____ wash tub

Before You Leave

_____ lock doors

_____ close / lock windows

_____ turn off lights

_____ adjust thermostat

_____ hold mail

_____ leave an itinerary

_____ water plants

_____ pet arrangements

_____ turn off computer

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Ahhh... The List.

The list has become a family tradition with my dad writing a very long one that seams to get longer every year. The list for deer hunting is pretty incredible. There is also one for fishing, ice fishing, duck hunting, etc. My mom has taken to poking fun at him for his lists. grin.gif

I'll start with the obvious.

1- Fishing License

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Ralph Wiggum

I know, I told myself I'd never be like my mom. She makes a list for everything.

Rods and Reels

Tackle Box


Line Clipper


Polarized glasses


Rod case


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Fisher Dave

I'm guilty for forgetting things on occasion.. it's the worst this time of year when my fishing is mixed between shore angling, and the boat.

I try to keep certain items in the truck and boat so I cant forget them, or take it out of the truck and put it in the boat and forget it in the boat..

Things I try to keep in the boat and truck..

Sweatshirt or light Jacket(heavy jacket in some seasons)

Rain Gear of some type

Flashlight(s), battery operated lanturn

Extra Plug(if boat is involved ever)

Fishing Line(couple spools) bad line ruins a trip fast.

Basic Boat Checklist..

Life Jackets .. doesnt hurt to have an extra to boot

Paddle (oars for some boats)

Fire extinguisher

Minnow Bucket

Landing Net

Depth finder

PLUG's.. main and livewell where needed

Generic *Going Fishing*... shore or boat

Fishing Rods that are needed/wanted +1



Net .. when needed


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Great idea. Last weekend I put the boat in for the first time and realized after I was underway.. I fogot my GPS with all my planned spots I was so anxious to try. Very tough to remember everything. I am going to make a small check list.. laminate it.. and tape it to my dash in the truck.

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The List....

I think I will have to put on my todo list to make an opening fishing list tongue.gif

I usually start with the obvious then it gets to the nit picky items. Obvious... Tackle box, poles, boat, dog, beer, so on, so on....

Nit picky.... (many times forget minnow scooper), minnow bucket, tape measure, camera (carry an emergency cheap one in the tackle box just in case) Batteries for lighted bobbers, etc.


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Dave B

2lbs butter, salt, pepper, 1 pair underwear (good for 4 days), raingear, warm clothes, knife, fishing gear.

Nothing else matters.

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Ralph Wiggum

if it rains, you can stretch out your underwear longer than 4 days smile.gif

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MAN, I'm glad I don't fish in the same boat as you guy's!!!


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Eric Wettschreck

1. Beer

2. Everything else

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Never thought of that... if you don't have underwear, they won't get dirty. blush.gif


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Dan Thiem

How about the guy that had his wife pack everything for his fishing trip. When he got back she asked how his trip was. He said great but she forgot to pack his clean underware. She said no I put them in your tackle box. wink.gif

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Pat K

An extra set of boat keys in the truck and an extra set of truck keys in the boat.

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ha ha

very funny, very practical. Bonza.


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The Grebe

Ya got to have underware? If you did'nt have underware, where would you get the elastic to make a survival sling shot in an emergency situation? grin.gif

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Captain B.R.K

Ole- I'm tired just trying to read through your list....will you just pack everything for me next time wink.gif

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A LIST IS A MUST! I never forget anything when I make a list. The plugs are often over looked, but another thing I now always check are my batteries. ALL OF THEM! I went fishing last year, when i got to the water and was going to tilt the motor up to get the transom saver off, there was no juice. Luckily I had a spare (TM Battery) I hooked up and salvaged the trip. It turned out, somehow the interior lights got switched on. I no longer assume, because the battery is good and was fully charged last time, that it will be good to go this time, I now charge again the night before the trip.

As for the plugs, My nephew was dinking around in my boat the day before a trip once and playing with the live well, wich is where i keep my plugs. Well when I got to the lake the next day, I realized he took them out of my boat and threw em' out. mad.gif It was kinda funny, but at the same time, It was a hassle having to go find a couple plugs and spend money on something I already had (somewere?) tongue.gif.

Just reminding you to double check the things you usually don't think about.

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Don't make the same mistake I made last year. Always bring a pliers. I went to do some shore fishing last spring and was casting a Rapala for Northerns. I ending up catching one, then realized after reaching into the tackle box that I forgot to put the pliers in there. To make a long story short, I caught two things that day, a small Northern and a big dumb a$$.

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Capt. BRK,

No kidding, that's a long list, I copied it off a camping page and it doesn't leave much out!! To be perfectly honest, I get teased by my buddies every time we go fishing or hunting because I pack so much "stuff" but the teasing stops when they need something they forgot and I have it. I drive a Yukon XL and it's usually there's only room for two to ride in it when I head out and everything I can't fit into the truck goes in the boat!! I don't forget much.


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Just a minute. Where did I put that list. I know I had it my hand a few minutes ago. I wrote it out in long hand a few years ago. I lost that copy. So I wrote another one and made three copies of it, so I wouldn't lose it again. I took the extra three copies and hid them in an obvious place. When I find those three copies, I am going to put one of them in the boat. So last year, I made a new list and saved it on my PC and on my Garmin Que 3600 gps/ organizer. So when I read this thread, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, I've spent the last hour looking through all of my directories, sub-directories and file folders. What did I call it? I know it is here somewhere. I won't hold you guys up too much longer. Just a minute, maybe I put a floppy disk in my tackle box. Oh yea, I found it. I hung it on the fridge so I wouldn't lose it. Now we're talking. Oh sh#t! Maybe I shouldn't have held it on the fridge with the refridgerator magnets. Oh well, I'll just start a new list. That's OK, I bought a lot of new stuff this year. Now I can include the new stuff on the new list. The next big question is: where to hide this year's list? confused.gif

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Use Word and name your list an easily searchable file called "Fishig List 2005.doc" or something.. that way if you misplace it.. you can always use the search feature in windows or mac. smile.gif

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gees boz ! now you sound like my kids and their home work ! grin.gif

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Great list. I actually sat down a few years ago and went through a legal pad jotting down most of this stuff. I thought I had it all until the next time I was out fishing/camping. Missed a few things. No big deal. I'll compare and if I have anything to add, I'll post it hear.

Thanks again!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      drove by the chain yesterday about 3;30 ish. sure was quiet out there. i didn't see a soul on horsehoe, a few on becker, and a couple on cedar island in the bay just south of the road access.
    • CigarGuy
      My neighbor at my cabin recently bought several acres adjoining his property and another neighbor had posted part of it-thinking he owned it.  My neighbor was planning on having it surveyed, so for the heck of it, I downloaded the trial OnX hunt map.  Only one pin on my property is visible in the winter, it was right on the pin.  We went and checked his property lines out and the neighbor that posted it, didn't own as much property as he thought he did. The OnX map property lines were fairly close to the actual lines, which were verified when surveyed.  If there are indeed pins or some kind of stakes in the ground, this should get you close enough to use a metal detector. 
    • Wanderer
      None of the GPS mapping or GIS can be used as legal documents.  The best thing would’ve been to spend the $350 or so for Title Insurance when the land was purchased.  With the insurance the lines are checked and any discrepancies are corrected. After that, yup, it’s up to getting a new survey. best of luck to ya.  
    • Borch
      Pretty nice weather and travel conditions right now.  The ice will be around for a while.  Fishing was slow for us today.
    • papadarv
      Spring is here, open water soon. In Feb. Navionics did a big High Def. update to many lakes. Several  lakes i looked at appeared to have great contour improvements. Two lakes Coon in Anoka and Ottertail in Ottertail co., which i am very famuliar with, were part of the group. I decided to compare the 2 lakes to Iakemaster so I spent the $30 for the 2 maps for Humminbird Fishsmart App. I also obtained a Garmin LakeVU of a portion of Coon. Navionics & Lakemaster very close to each other, Garmin LakeVU not so close. The screen shot has Navionics on left, Lakemaster cennter & Garmin right.  Boating App owners - great time to do the Update all.
    • pikeandchester
      The GPS ideas are great. Garmin Huntview for Minnesota is $79.99 and OnX has 7 day free trial. The plan is to have the property surveyed. I believe Cliff makes a good point, do it right from the start. More time for fishing less time messing around looking for markers and  buying equipment just to possibly end up having the survey done in the end. Thank you for your responses they have been very helpful!
    • Mike89
      good luck there!!!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      I decided to skip Mille Lacs today. With the poor fishing reports and even poorer travel options out there, I’m hoping next week might be better. So bring on the sun for the next 7 days!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Got out to west rush early this morning. No slush issues while I was there, but that could be different by days end. The landing was quickly degrading in just the few hours I was there...landing on east lake is worse. Only caught 5 crappies. Schools were scattered and on the move, and fish weren’t very active. Ice was about 32 inches, which made hole hopping very difficult with an ion auger. Caught a nice sun burn on my face 
    • IceHawk
      Pike good luck!  Grew up fishing down there as a kid. Every so often I go back down there to relive some good memories  When I was 12 yrs old I use to fish down there with a couple old boys at midnight on opening night. Those old boys treated me as there own Kid!  And  I always thanked them for that  they taught me a lot. Caught a pretty good amount of eyes throwing jointed rapalas back then.  Its been a few years since then the old boys are gone fishing in the big sky above. But boy I still see there faces and smiles in my memory when every I stop down there