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September Points
The sunshine bronze water of the St. Croix River hold an abundant population of the Minnesota state fish, and walleye fishing remains the mainstay quarry year after year, though crappies hold the popularity crown over eyes when cars drive on water.

The fish’s popularity stems far back in history to days when prized meat meant the definition of immediate happiness. Currently the challenge of hooking the elusive game fish with favorite lures and friends, teamed with gastronomic intentions explains much of the general pursuit of walleye.

Catching fish - Early September marks a transition period when walleyes instinctively gear up for approaching winter. Seasons past indicates the transition of walleye from mid season deep flats to the deep and steep points of the Lower St. Croix.

All but rookie anglers know points are classic fishing areas. Quickly summarized early season fishing finds many fish in shallow water on points; later in the year depths that fish generally relate to are deeper especially on the Croix.

Points come in all shapes and sizes. Some are gradual tapered while others are stubby and drop off sharp.

Generally the relatively larger and gradually tapering points hold most fish of all species early in the year. In lakes, long tapering points have much more shallow weed covered bottom. The weeds produce the snacks and munchies that baitfish love.

For some reason or the other, Fall marks a period where the steepest drop offs produce walleye at a better rate than the gradual bottoms. Places on the St. Croix that are have productive fall points to name a few, are Black bass, St. Mary’s, Charlie Point in Bayport, and Afton’s famous Catfish Bar.

Steep points must be vertically approached and jigged for best results. The reason being is the fish are relating now to the steep sides and not the tops of the points. Trolling lures is a lesson in futility when trying for these fish.

Lures - Standard jigs and bait are in order for these deep point fish. The key factor however will be boat control. A fast drifting boat will not allow the jig to stay in the fish zone for the needed period of time. One second the boat is hovering in 18 feet of water then within ten seconds the boat is in 50 feet. Well when the fish ID marks from the sonar are in 29 feet of water that jig never even came anywhere near the fish.

Proper boat control either by electric motors, anchors, or by back trolling a small gas motor, all are great tools to keeping the boat lined up straight over those marks. Often new anglers do too much and try to fish and keep the boat controlled at the same time. Naturally an angler wants to fish a line but sometimes "taking one for the team" is the way to go.

The St. Croix River is a wonderful resource that keeps producing prized walleye year around; keep up with the times and stay ahead of the game.

Keep catchin'


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Thanks Turk,
that is a GREAT POST!!!

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Boat control? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
Thanks for the wonderful reading!!
Now let's see if you can get me on that sow white-tip!
Jim W

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    • Sushilicious
      We only fished for 5 hours (only 2 hours were worthwhile 29 ft).  
    • Sushilicious
      OK so day before father's day we had terrible weather. 1st spot was in 14 ft of current n we caught 4 eyes. Did c a sturgeon role but waste of time other than that. Next spot 6 eyes still a wasted time cause of the weather but the old man did caught a 20 in so it wasn't all that bad. But once the weather allowed we catch  26 eyes n in 29 ft of water n one was 24 in.
    • Sushilicious
      Definitely have 2 disagree with with u 2. I understand the drive n the worry but if you've fished the csn chain for 10+ years there shouldn't be a worry 2 find a campsite cause you've driven past plenty of them. Also we're in the same boat regardless of the travel distance to fine a campsite. Yes it is nice 2 have a guaranteed spot but since they went 2 paid 2 camp regulation they have taken out a number of campsites so it limits options. ALSO U R WAY WRONG ON SAYING MORE PPL R AT THE PARK NOW. I went last Saturday  (day before father's day) n we seen like 4 or 5 more boats than canoes. It's nice for ppl who don't know the csn chain but it's terrible for the economy.   Fyi. First time I went fishing on the chain I went lake trout fishing on David......... I was 6 weeks old ......... I'm 32 now..... my dad's been fishing the csn chain for 65+ years    P.s. love how there's less pressure=better fishing.
    • Rachelkate21
      Hey! Does anyone know any brooks/steams/rivers that would be full of trout? Preferably near lakeville, mn but ill travel!
    • redlabguy
      Nice fish, Jeff. And good lesson on 1/2 crawlers, Cliff. I'm off the water for a few days with family doings, but should report I've seen a lot of mayflies in Frazer and near the portage. Clouds on the sonar and slicks of the water. I'm guessing it's not the big hatch, but it's providing a lot of food for fish. good luck out there.
    • osok
      Just got back into town from a slightly too long "vacation" dealing with relatives. Anywho, how has the fishing been on Superior, are the fish local or have they migrated N.E? 
    • AaronTC05
      I just bought a new Elite 7TI and the sun cover it came with doesn't really snap on very securely.  I'd say it just rests loosely on the outside.  It won't fall off if I flip it upside down, but it feels like it wouldn't stay on going down the highway or withstand any sort of jarring.  It takes hardly any pressure to pull it off.  Is this normal or is it a defect?  I've never owned a graph with a sun cover so I'm not familiar, but I imagined it would be a lot more snug.    
    • leech~~
      We will see if Sailorfly is another ask a silly question one hit wonder? 
    • jiggin9
      I have a Lowrance Elite 7 and was curious what lake chip most of you recommend for Lake of the Woods.  The insight pro chip that came with my unit is very basic for up there and was looking for a more detailed chip.  I'm not sure what brands are compatible with the Lowrance and which ones aren't.        Thanks in advance! 
    • Hines R
      Glad it didn't take a swim. My buddy had one of the cheaper Minnkotas deploy while he was up on plane using the main motor.  Needless to say it was a weak pin in the release system. It was a rental boat so he didn't have to deal with it. Bent the heck out of the stem portion. It was fully modified!   Didnt know now you were still going up to LOTW. Thought you were selling the place. Assuming you don't have the Sportcraft anymore since I don't think you'd put a Minnkota on that. If you still have the Sportcraft I know someone that might be interested in it.    I head up to South end out of Wheelers point tomorrow after work. Up for 2 weeks. Touch base with me if you are coming up or have the Sportcraft still for sale.   Ryan